Chatham Kent Animal Rescue

(aka CK Animal Rescue), Registered Charitable No. 852128701 RR0001, located in southwestern Ontario, Canada, is a non profit rescue organization comprised of dedicated animal lovers who volunteer their time, homes, love and commitment to care for our rescued dogs, many who were scheduled to be euthanized from high kill shelters.  Many of our volunteers work full time, attend school and work many extra hours for the love of our rescues.  Our ultimate goal is to find permanent loving homes through our foster/adoption program.

Where Does CK Animal Rescue Place Pets?

CKAR places pets mainly in Southwestern Ontario and Michigan. We have also placed pets in many areas throughout Canada and USA including: BC, Quebec and throughout Ontario, as well as Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Alabama, Tennessee and New York.

How Many Pets Has CKAR Placed In Adoptive Homes?

Since October of 2010, CKAR has placed well over 800 animals in permanent homes, with 387 of those being in the past

How Many Foster Homes Do You Have and Where?

From Windsor to London we have approximately 130 foster homes. Some for specific breeds, some for short-term, some long-term,
some seasonal, and some for Purple Leash Campaign.

What Is Purple Leash Campaign?

The <a
href=””>Purple Leash</a> Initiative provides temporary housing for the
pets of persons fleeing domestic abuse situations. Canadian research indicates that more than 40%
of pet owners experiencing domestic violence will significantly delay their escape to safety if it
means leaving a pet behind. Through the Purple Leash we are able to help those who need to make an
earlier escape from a violent situation.

Where Does CKAR Get Their Money?

We get our funding through adoption fees
(Currently $300), cash donations, and fundraisers including BBQs, Online Auctions, Cookie Sales,
Adoption Events at PetSmart/Pet Value, Donation Jars, Online Donations, Purple Leash Walk.

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Grace - Adopted - December 21/14 (9 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

Tiny little Grace recently came into our foster program. She is a former breeder girl who no longer has to worry about anything - she is free from the breeder chains and is now in the arms of her new family who think she is one special little girl! She is going to have a lifetime of pampering and hugs and lots of lovin'! She has some playmates to keep her busy too. Thanks to everyone who gave Grace this gift of a second chance. We are very excited for her and wish her the very best!

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We just found a brown labradoodle by food basics in Chatham - have a leash on it but what to do now? No tags but does have a radio collar ... See MoreSee Less

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Only a few days left to decorate our tree and support the rescue..😃 ... See MoreSee Less

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Pearl spent the last three months in Florida so had to go shopping for a new coat before we came home. Got love the life. Thanks CK rescue for letting Pearl come live with me. ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks to MC Business Solutions (Chatham, Ontario) for donating this beautiful piece of equipment to our rescue - a copier/scanner/fax! Already put it use and it is going to help us save on our printing costs, we really appreciate your generosity. Please thank them the next time you are in their store or send them an email to let them know they are special! This is their page -

Our adoptable kitten, Velvet is impressed! He enjoyed watching it in action. ;-)
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“There’s no place like home for the holidays,” according to the popular 1950’s song.  

But for many, there IS no home. Not even for the holidays. 

The “many” are those dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, ailing, abandoned and alone. 

The “many” are those dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, safe today in shelters while tomorrow remains a question mark.   

With 2014 drawing to a close, we at CK Animal Rescue celebrate some of the “many” we were able to save and then place in loving forever homes. And we regret that we lacked either the finances or the facilities to rescue and re-home more. 

Now, as you gather with your family members and pet companions, we ask that you remember those without either families or companions. As you celebrate at home with those you love, we ask that you remember those with no home and no love. 

And because this is the season for giving, we ask that you remember us with a seasonal donation. With your generous support, we can remain true to the motto that defines us: compassion and kindness for those without a voice.  

Please help us continue to be the voice for the “many”.  

Please help us continue to be heard. 

With our thanks and warmest wishes for a happy holiday,

Nomi Berger

Donations are gratefully accepted through Paypal –

By cheque – Payable to Chatham Kent Animal Rescue, 266 Inshes Ave., Chatham, Ontario N7M 2Z7


Thank you for your Support!



honeyHoney is a gentle, friendly 1 – 2 year old girl. She has been spayed and is up to date with vaccinations. Adoption fee: $75 If you are interested in Honey, please submit the online Adoption Application at

Adult, Female, Small