Chatham Kent Animal Rescue

(aka CK Animal Rescue), Registered Charitable No. 852128701 RR0001, located in southwestern Ontario, Canada, is a non profit rescue organization comprised of dedicated animal lovers who volunteer their time, homes, love and commitment to care for our rescued dogs, many who were scheduled to be euthanized from high kill shelters.  Many of our volunteers work full time, attend school and work many extra hours for the love of our rescues.  Our ultimate goal is to find permanent loving homes through our foster/adoption program.

Where Does CK Animal Rescue Place Pets?

CKAR places pets mainly in Southwestern Ontario and Michigan. We have also placed pets in many areas throughout Canada and USA including: BC, Quebec and throughout Ontario, as well as Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Alabama, Tennessee and New York.

How Many Pets Has CKAR Placed In Adoptive Homes?

Since October of 2010, CKAR has placed well over 800 animals in permanent homes, with 387 of those being in the past

How Many Foster Homes Do You Have and Where?

From Windsor to London we have approximately 130 foster homes. Some for specific breeds, some for short-term, some long-term,
some seasonal, and some for Purple Leash Campaign.

What Is Purple Leash Campaign?

The <a
href=””>Purple Leash</a> Initiative provides temporary housing for the
pets of persons fleeing domestic abuse situations. Canadian research indicates that more than 40%
of pet owners experiencing domestic violence will significantly delay their escape to safety if it
means leaving a pet behind. Through the Purple Leash we are able to help those who need to make an
earlier escape from a violent situation.

Where Does CKAR Get Their Money?

We get our funding through adoption fees
(Currently $300), cash donations, and fundraisers including BBQs, Online Auctions, Cookie Sales,
Adoption Events at PetSmart/Pet Value, Donation Jars, Online Donations, Purple Leash Walk.

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Velvet - Adopted - Jan 27/15 (5 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

Velvet is one of three little kittens who came to our rescue a few weeks ago. His two brothers were adopted and he has been just hanging out with our volunteers at the office. Velvet thinks he is a dog some days, he is very playful, is very inquisitive and is our little "trouble maker"....loves to fly across a desk and check everything out! His antics caught the attention of his new mom and she couldn't wait to meet him and take him home to start his new life. We hope to get plenty of updates on our little buddy to share!

Sarnia Area - if you are able to help search this morning there is a contact number below ... See MoreSee Less

ABBIE HAS BEEN FOUND!!! **UPDATE JAN 28 - 11:30 AM - ABBIE HAS BEEN FOUND ** Abbie was found at approximately 11:30 this morning, and she is now on her way to the vet for a checkup. A big thank you to everyone in the area who have been helping with the search, and to all of our fans for sharing her picture!! ***UPDATE JAN 28 - 8:00 AM*** Abbie's foster mom along with a team of volunteers were out searching for her all day yesterday, but there were no sightings of Abbie. We hope that she has found shelter in a barn to keep warm. If you live in the area please continue to check your property. ***UPDATE*** - Abbie's foster Mom Heather was out looking for Abbie in the area she was last spotted until 1am this morning. Heather will be going back out again to search this morning. More people are needed. If you are in the Sarnia area and can help search for Abbie, please contact Heather 647-828-0309. LAST SEEN: (update from Heather) She was last seen walking near Hilsboro and Egremont rd. Back out early tomorrow morning to try with the help of sunlight. Please pray for her, it's so cold outside tonight. *********UPDATE: Abbie was last seen in square area of Fisher Line, Egremont Rd, Hillsboro, and Oil Heritage Rd. She was heading north in a farmers field toward Fisher Line************* We need your help in locating Abbie! Abbie is a former mill dog so she is a bit skittish. Approach slowly and with treats. She is a cream coloured Lhaso Apso X. Abbie was last seen a few hours ago in the area of Old Heritage Rd. between Forest Line and Hwy 21 in Sarnia. Abbie is NOT familiar with the area! If you spot her or manage to secure her, please call Heather at 647-828-0309.

Hi CK Animal Rescue, I was wondering if you could give me a call about DogLoverDays? I was hoping to work together..519-352-8387 HDTC-BIA ... See MoreSee Less

Welcome four new faces to our rescue this week! (4 photos) ... See MoreSee Less


Cisco and Benson

10847848_327998310735806_2653943736400393629_n 10850306_327999234069047_4731319249246570978_n

Cisco and Benson are sweet little male kittens who recently came into our rescue.  They are a bonded pair and we are looking for a loving home where both brothers can remain together.  As kittens, they are playful, loving and enjoy what life has to offer!  Both kittens will be neutered, and up to date on all vaccinations. Adoption fee is $125 for both kittens.

If interested in welcoming these two cuties into your home, please submit the Online Adoption Application on our webpage –

Zeus – Adopted – Nov 15/13

Zeus is such a handsome guy! He came fully dressed in tie and warm woolly sweater to get his adoption pic taken with his family! While he is such a serious little guy and seems to be a bit unsure of new people, you could see how much he loves his new family. He stayed close by and snuggled right up to feel safe and loved. Thanks to his fosters/adopters for giving Zeus a brand new start!