Chatham Kent Animal Rescue

(aka CK Animal Rescue), Registered Charitable No. 852128701 RR0001, located in southwestern Ontario, Canada, is a non profit rescue organization comprised of dedicated animal lovers who volunteer their time, homes, love and commitment to care for our rescued dogs, many who were scheduled to be euthanized from high kill shelters.  Many of our volunteers work full time, attend school and work many extra hours for the love of our rescues.  Our ultimate goal is to find permanent loving homes through our foster/adoption program.

Where Does CK Animal Rescue Place Pets?

CKAR places pets mainly in Southwestern Ontario and Michigan. We have also placed pets in many areas throughout Canada and USA including: BC, Quebec and throughout Ontario, as well as Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Alabama, Tennessee and New York.

How Many Pets Has CKAR Placed In Adoptive Homes?

Since October of 2010, CKAR has placed well over 800 animals in permanent homes, with 387 of those being in the past

How Many Foster Homes Do You Have and Where?

From Windsor to London we have approximately 130 foster homes. Some for specific breeds, some for short-term, some long-term,
some seasonal, and some for Purple Leash Campaign.

What Is Purple Leash Campaign?

The <a
href=””>Purple Leash</a> Initiative provides temporary housing for the
pets of persons fleeing domestic abuse situations. Canadian research indicates that more than 40%
of pet owners experiencing domestic violence will significantly delay their escape to safety if it
means leaving a pet behind. Through the Purple Leash we are able to help those who need to make an
earlier escape from a violent situation.

Where Does CKAR Get Their Money?

We get our funding through adoption fees
(Currently $300), cash donations, and fundraisers including BBQs, Online Auctions, Cookie Sales,
Adoption Events at PetSmart/Pet Value, Donation Jars, Online Donations, Purple Leash Walk.

CK Animal Rescue on Facebook

WOW! We are currently experiencing a higher volume of applications than we ever have in the years our rescue has been operating! While this is so overwhelmingly positive in that the message is getting through and so many are choosing the adoption option, our response time to inquiries and applications is somewhat delayed at the moment. Many of our Volunteers are pitching in to try to keep up and we ask that you ‘Please forgive the hiccups!’ – We value every one of you that are interested in one of our amazing adoptables!
If you have not heard from us in regards to your application we ask that you please try to be patient (yes, we do know it’s hard when you’ve fallen in love with a furry face!). We are doing everything that we can to help find each of these rescued dogs and cats perfect forever homes and we appreciate all of you that are considering being those homes!
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Put thru an application for Stuart Little on Tuesday have not heard anything back yet. Typically how long does it take? ... See MoreSee Less

Our next Online Auction item sneak peek is a $100 Gift Certificate for "The Taste of Ink - Custom Tattoos & Hair Salon" -
Check out some examples of their extraordinary artistic skills!!

Bidding starts this Sunday April 26 at 2:00pm
Join our Online Auction page here -
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Our next Online Auction item sneak peek is a $100 Gift Certificate for "The Taste of Ink - Custom Tattoos & Hair Salon" - Check out some examples of their extraordinary artistic skills!! Bidding starts this Sunday April 26 at 2:00pm Join our Online Auction page here -

Caroline is one very sweet girl. She is extremely happy and friendly, loves to be close by and enjoys some lap time. She was introduced to her new four legged sisters today and everyone got alone great! Caroline made herself at home and checked everything out, she is going to love all the attention she has coming her way! Caroline came from a breeding situation where she shared a home with many other dogs. We are very happy for her and wish her the best life possible! ... See MoreSee Less

Little Leia found herself looking for a new family and we are proud to say she captured the hearts of her new family quickly - they didn't know what happened! They fell in love with her the minute she walked in their home as a foster and she wasn't going anywhere. We love our foster failure stories! Thanks to everyone who helped Leia on her new journey in life, we wish her the very best! ... See MoreSee Less


Zeus – Adopted – Nov 15/13

Zeus is such a handsome guy! He came fully dressed in tie and warm woolly sweater to get his adoption pic taken with his family! While he is such a serious little guy and seems to be a bit unsure of new people, you could see how much he loves his new family. He stayed close by and snuggled right up to feel safe and loved. Thanks to his fosters/adopters for giving Zeus a brand new start!

Adopted 2014

After review and matching with our records NOW we have all of our 2014 alum included – over 200 beautiful, furry CK Animal Rescue faces. Each of these precious babies were the lucky ones. They had someone pull them from a high kill shelter, or a foster open their home when they no longer had one of their own. Some had crews of people joining relays to transport them to their renewed futures. They were each given hope when their chances were slim. Each one was vetted, spayed/neutered, fed, cared for. Some had medical issues and were given required surgery or treatment – puppies with mange, seniors with dental needs, cherry eyes, heartworm and hip dysplasia were just some of the list. Each of these lucky ones were adopted into loving, responsible and committed homes who were willing to go through our careful process of reference checks and home visits.

All of this was done by a team of people who are entirely volunteer and funded purely by donations from more caring, amazing people and fundraising events. So many were helped by all of you who shared their profiles or told a friend about CKAR. This is the power of rescue! This is what motivates each of us to give up spare time, spare cash and yes, some of us will admit it…bits of our sanity lol

~ Saving one animal won’t change the world but surely for that one animal the world will change forever