Mason – Adopted – Apr 4/17

Mason and his little friend Molly came from a horrible background where they were neglected and left outdoors to fend for themselves. Thanks to some of our rescue friends, they were picked up and safe until they were moved to our foster program a short time ago. Molly found her forever home and today was Mason’s turn. He was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the love and attention he was getting. After awhile he really started to enjoy the cuddling and tummy rubs. His new family have a lot of great things in mind to show Mason how much he is loved. We are thrilled for this sweet little guy and look forward to seeing him when he is comfortable and knows how much he is loved. Thanks to everyone who helped Mason get his second chance!

Kali – Adopted – Mar 31/17

Kali is a little baby who is growing up fast! She came to our foster program recently and kept her foster family very busy! Not quite 4 months old, she is a funny girl, typical puppy! She is going to be a big girl when she grows up! Kali met her new family and they are ready to keep this happy girl entertained with walks to the beach, durable toys and lots of running time in her new back yard. WTG Kali! You hit the jackpot! Thanks to everyone who helped Kali get her second chance!

Butch – Adopted – Mar 27/17

Sadly things changed for Butch with his last home and he was being returned to our rescue. A last minute love connection happened and Butch walked into his new home and met his very excited family who showered him with lots of love! He has had many changes in the past few months, having a forever home was our wish for him. Thanks everyone who helped Butch get his second chance!

Bugsy – Adopted – Mar 25/17

Bugsy has had a bit of a bumpy start to his young life. Today he met his forever family who promise to love him and cherish him. He has always been somewhat timid. Today he strolled in to greet his new family and felt lots of love in his new home. Thanks to everyone who helped Bugsy get his second chance! He deserves it!

Buddy – Adopted – Mar 25/17

Buddy is a recent newcomer to our rescue. He lost him home due to no fault of his own. Buddy is a very special boy with a great personality! He gets along with dogs and cats and loves people. He recently met his new family and today it was made official that he became a member of the family! Buddy has many happy years ahead of him and we wish him all the best! Thanks to everyone who helped Buddy get his Second chance!

Mya – Adopted – Mar 25/17

Mya is an older sweetheart who recently came to our foster program. She has an addicting personality and sweet charm about her. Mya met her new family today and they welcomed her with two beautiful Welcome Home Mya signs that were very touching! She bonded with her new family who also have many familiar feelings for her from her former life – happy kids, future tea parties and a big yard to romp and play. Thanks to everyone who helped Mya get her second chance!

Precious – Adopted – March 23/17

This sweet little girl made up her mind her foster home is where she wanted to stay forever, and she got her wish on National Puppy Day! Precious came to our rescue several weeks ago and we promised we would find her a great home….and we kept our promise! She is a little shy when you first meet her but her little sister Cookie shows her it’s ok to hop up her back legs to check things out when someone new stops by. She is best buds with her adopted sister Cookie. We are very happy for Precious and wish her many years of love and happiness! Thanks to everyone who helped Precious get her Happy Ending!

Bonnie – Adopted – March 22/17

Bonnie was found in a high kill shelter as a tiny little puppy by a rescue friend. Our friend kept Bonnie until she was old enough to travel to our foster program. She was shy little girl when she arrived. When Bonnie met her new family, she hopped up on the sofa and made herself right at home! She has a life full of love and lots of playtime ahead of her and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks to everyone who helped Bonnie get her Happy Ending!

Dunnegan – Adopted – March 22/17

Dunnegan decided he liked things just the way they were at his foster home, he had no wish to go anywhere else. He has been in our foster program for several weeks now and has come such a long way from the very timid soul he was when he first arrived. He is still cautious but didn’t mind getting a few treats during his adoption, that was the easy part! He is still a little camera shy. We wish him many years of love and happy times! Thanks to everyone who helped Dunnegan get his second chance!

Molly – Adopted – March 17/17

St. Patrick’s Day was a special occasion for one of our recent newcomers to our rescue. Molly was homeless and waiting for her wish to come true. Molly finalized the deal to make her dreams come true to have her forever family. She loves her new family and her new home. Lots of love is in store for this little princess! Thanks to everyone who helped Molly get her Second Chance!