Mission  Statement and Goals

The purpose of Chatham Kent Animal Rescue is to:

  • Rescue urgent non-aggressive dogs from high-kill shelters and local animals who are being surrendered by their owners and have no options
  • Rescue senior dogs and dogs who are ill and have no hope of adoption
  • Place dogs and other domestic animals into approved foster homes until approved permanent and adoptive homes are found
  • Provide resources and information to the public regarding rescue, animal and puppy mill cruelty, the problem of pet overpopulation and how to prevent unwanted animals
  • To encourage educators to include animal compassion in the classroom curriculum for students and provide volunteers for in-class presentations to teach children about compassion and kindness for animals
  • To implement a pet food bank program to provide temporary help as needed
  • This organization is non-profit – no part of any proceeds from any donations to the organization shall benefit any individual
  • To provide short-term foster care for Purple Leash clients – those fleeing domestic violent situations; those who are hospitalized and need temporary care for their pets and to assist clients of Mental Health who require care for their pets while undergoing treatment

Long Term Goals

  • To provide temporary support and resources to families in short-term financial need to help animals remain in their current homes, when possible
  • To help with temporary supplies of pet food to families who are suffering from unemployment, seniors on fixed incomes and families who are dealing with chronic illnesses
  • To partner with local veterinary clinics to offer a low-cost spay/neuter program in our communities to help reduce the number of unwanted births and deaths of unwanted pets via a voucher program
  • To have our OWN FACILITY where we will provide a sanctuary for senior dogs whose owners have abandoned them in shelters; on-site services for rescued dogs and their new families; temporary haven for rescues while waiting for available space in our foster care program, classroom settings to provide presentations on compassion and kindness for animals