Foster Families Caring for Senior Pets

Chatham Kent Animal Rescue began in October 2010 to help senior pets who found themselves in kill shelters who were unwanted and/or neglected. We have always helped as many senior pets as possible since 2010.

We wanted to give seniors the retirement homes they deserved. Being able to help senior dogs and cats depends on having caring, loving, safe foster homes and families who will share their homes with these senior pets. Often senior animals are discarded through no fault of their own and deserve so much more than being dumped at shelters or euthanized because they are old.

Our rescue is often contacted to take older dogs and cats who have been surrendered or neglected, sitting in kill shelters and need out. We need serious, committed people who love senior pets and want to join our team of animal lovers.

We have officially launched our Precious Partners program to match seniors with senior pets who need permanent foster care. We know many seniors are lonely and would love a companion without the extra worry of paying for vet care. These animals make wonderful walking companions and TV buddies.

How to join the Precious Partners program?
 If you would like to join our elite team of Precious Partners to foster a senior pet, please submit the online Foster Application –

Foster Application – CK Animal Rescue

Myths About Senior Pets 

  • If I adopt a senior pet, I’ll be inheriting someone else’s problem – Maybe their owner passed away or they had to move. Maybe the owner’s situation changed in some other way, i.e. fell ill or lost their job.  There are many reasons why pets lose their homes.  And these pets are all sad because of the change in their lives but many bounce back quickly when they know they are in a safe, loving home with someone who cares.
  • Senior pets will cost me a fortune in vet bills – Not necessarily. Every dog and cat is different.  If the pet has received preventative care during its life up to the point of needing a new home, it may be perfectly healthy.  Our rescue pays for new animals to be assessed by our vet clinics so we know their health situation.
  • Senior Pets are not trainable – Not true at all. Many mature pets may be willing to learn “new tricks”.  They have more patience and focus to learn.  Plus they have years of experience learning problem-solving skills
  • Senior pets aren’t active or playful – if a senior pet is in good health, they can remain active for several years. Keeping the dog in your care active by taking daily walks (weather permitting) gets them out and enjoying exercise.
  • I don’t want to have to say goodbye so soon – There are no guarantees in life. We have seen pets live to a good older age and we have seen young pets taken too soon by accident or illness.  When you have a relationship with any living thing the risk of having your heart broken can happen at any time.  That is the reality of life.  The great thing about fostering a senior pet is that you know you are helping to save that pet’s life and giving them a happy second chance

What are the benefits of fostering a senior dog or cat?

  • Senior pets are happy and content to have someone love them, feed them and spend time with them.
  • Older pets are usually trained and a foster family won’t have to go through the training stages as with puppies and kittens.
  • Older pets have mellowed out with age, they pick up things quickly because they focus on their foster families.  They just want to hang out with their foster family.
  • Older dogs settle in fairly quickly and are great at giving love.  They KNOW they were given a second chance.
  • With older dogs and cats, you know what you are getting.  Their personalities are what you see.  They have manners – often dogs know to sit, stay, lay down and are housetrained.  Cats just love to hang out on window sills or on the back of sofas.
  • Many older dogs are excited to go for walks or take a ride.  Others enjoy some playtime.
  • Older pets also enjoy some time for themselves so they are not always in need of attention, they are not as demanding as puppies and kittens.
  • Older dogs and cats are less destructive because they are past that phase of chewing, digging holes and climbing curtains.
  • Older dogs and cats are wonderful companions for seniors – loyal and dedicated to their foster families – the people who love and care for them.
  • You can be a hero to a senior dog or cat by giving them a permanent home to enjoy their senior years.


Who pays for the vetting costs?
Our rescue pays for the vetting care at one of the vet clinics we work with.

What areas do we need Precious Partners foster families?
Chatham Kent, Windsor, Sarnia and surrounding areas.

Who provides food, toys, and supplies?
As supplies are donated to our rescue, our foster families are encouraged to ask for what they need.  Whatever is donated to our rescue is available to our foster families – food, toys, treats, etc.  If our foster families pay for supplies, we provide tax receipts.

How to Join the Precious Partners program?
 If you would like to join our elite team of Precious Partners to foster a senior pet, please submit the online Foster Application –

Foster Application – CK Animal Rescue

Precious Partners

Sponsor Needed!

Our new Precious Partners program would love to partner with local businesses that are willing to be monthly sponsors for our senior pets in foster care.  We welcome any generous donation and will post your business logo on our webpage!

Please call our office at 519-354-5000 to discuss being one of our Precious Partners sponsors!