It’s been two months since Mindy passed, and I still find myself looking at her favourite spot on the couch, trying hard to let my grief go, and concentrate on the eight wonderful years we had together.

She was such a happy dog, loved to cuddle, gave so freely of her doggie kisses, loved playing with her favourite toy “Buddy Wuddy” and hide and seek with me.  And of course when company came, she knew that they were coming to visit exclusively with her, and out came Buddy Wuddy.

She was my shadow and Mac’s best buddy.  She wasn’t content unless she knew where we were, what we were doing, and everything was ok in her house, and only then would she settle down for a nap.  She never did master the art of belly rubs while laying on her back, but enjoyed them just as much on her side, and when wanting “extra attention” would place her neck next to my mouth for neck kisses, her eyes would close and could hear her say “Neck kisses are far better than treats, mom”.

Summer of course was her favourite season, the sniffing in the garden, the basking in the sun, the hours spent outside just laying around being a spoiled dog.

We were to grow old together, but God had a different plan for you.  I like to think that there was a little girl or little boy in Heaven that desperately needed a loving dog, so God decided you were perfect for that child and took you to play with them.

On January 6th when I took you to the Vet for a shot to calm your tummy, I didn’t know when I held you on my lap that evening, and when I kissed you and carried you to your bed that night and said “Night Min, see you in the morning,” I would never hold you on my lap again or kiss you goodnight again, as you passed in your sleep next to Mac cuddled in your favourite blanket.

Your resting place is in the garden, wrapped in your favourite blanket, along with “Buddy Wuddy”, and a piece of my heart.

You brought such joy to my life, and I will forever miss you, my sweet Mindy.

Sharon Giles

I remember the first time I saw Toby.  I was looking on Petfinder for info on our rescue dogs that where up for adoption so I could post them on Kijiji to help find them new homes.

As soon as I saw his little face and his funny little expression I knew that I didn’t need to post him because he had his forever home, here with my family.

When Karen first arrived with him he was scared, but shortly after meeting my little boys that spirit I saw came out and he was home sweet home.  He played with my kids all day long and after they went to bed he would come over to cuddle up on my lap. He gave so much love from his heart and filled this home with that.

I remeber all the tiny little kisses, all the nights that we watched t.v together.  Every night I would kiss him and tuck him into bed for the night.

I remember how he played with my sons, playing fetch and ran around with them and hearing their laughter.  I remember when he started to warm up to my husband he would come over and say good morning to him, or jump up on his lap just to give him a kiss.

Even sometimes he would sneak into bed with my daughter and cuddle in so close to her you wouldn’t even know that he was there, how she would pick him up and they would dance together.

As you can see Toby brought so much to this home, he brought so much love, happiness and such wonderful memories. Even though it was for just a short time, he gave us a life time of love and happiness. He was special in so many ways, more then anyone could ever imagine.  Me and my family where blessed with this tiny miracle and he will be missed dearly and will be held close to are hearts now and forever.

We work with other rescues to help with temporary fostering, as needed, and transporting dogs to the foster homes for their rescues.  If not for the love of Loyal Rescue, this little senior boy would not have had the chance to know love in his short few months he was in foster care.  Thank you to Brenda for the compassion to save him to know a kind, gentle heart in his remaining months.  And thank you to Lucy Moye and her team of volunteer drivers for giving your love and time to make sure these precious dogs, saved from death row in shelters, a second chance to be loved.

Dedicated to the Memory of Jazzy

For those of you who helped transport Jazzy to LOYAL Rescue last September, I wanted to pass on this note from Brenda:

“It is with sincere sadness that I tell you all that Jazzy passed away in his sleep last night.  He came to me a while ago as a senior at that time.  Recently he showed signs of renal failure and I knew the time was close.Last evening I expressed his bladder for him then tucked him into a bed he loved, put a nice baby blanket over him (thanks Lynn for sending them to me) and he went to sleep.  I checked him before I went to bed and he was resting comfortably.This morning the blanket was completely pulled over his entire body and he was cold.  I suspect one of the other dogs covered him once they realized he was gone.

Thank you Nancy for bringing Jazzy to our attention when you heard of him.  Thanks Lucy for transporting him to me and thanks Lorraine for posting him in one of your articles to try to find him a home.  My heart breaks that after his owner passed away, he lived out his life in foster care with no “forever” home of his own.

Rest in peace sweet little doggie.  Go be with your owner now.”

Of course, Jazzy didn’t know he was in foster care–he just knew Brenda loved him.  Run free, little man….

Lucy Moye
Hillsdale, Michigan

Open Arms Pound Rescue

Open Arms Transports
OTRA Verified Transporter

Hi Nancy, my Daughter (Bless Her) dropped you a line about my best friend who left us last week. A wonderful gesture and because it is so difficult to deal with the parting.

Rudy was a magnificent, large but very handsome dog. We were a team for a long time. Most people recognized me as that man with Rudy. Everyone in the neighbourhood knew Rudy and even my Mother who lives far away and only met Rudy twice in his 15 Yr life with us; yet everytime she called she would ask about Rudy, that’s the type of dog he was.

I could write volumes on his love and devotion to our family but let me just end this by saying that He was the Epitome of the description “Mans Best Friend”.

Max De Bruyn

We said sadly goodbye to one of our cherished little seniors, Dora. While her time with us was too short, she lived it like it was a lifetime with her foster family.

We saw Dora abandoned at a shelter, found as a stray. When we showed her picture to her foster family, they never hesitated to say we will care for her. Her new name was Dora

She couldn’t hear or see, but she was a smart little lady who loved her weekly Timbit on her favourite rug. Dora was the queen of her foster home, she was loved and pampered by her foster family. We shed tears because we wanted to give her many more months and years to know how much she was loved.

Yet we are happy to know she can see, hear, run and play with those who have gone before her at the Rainbow Bridge. Fly free sweet Dora. You will always be missed our little flower.