Our Adoption Process

CK Animal Rescue makes a lifetime commitment to every animal that passes through our program on their journey to a new beginning. Our rescue animals have often been through so much in their lives. We make a promise to each and every one of them that their future will be nothing less than the wonderful life they deserve, full of love, security, comfort, responsible care, regular vet visits and force free training methods.

Often times we do not have a complete history and therefore we cannot make any guarantees regarding past handling, breed, temperament or health. We do not have a shelter facility, all of our rescue animals are placed in approved foster homes throughout several counties to ensure that they get the very best start to their new lives. Our goal is to find forever homes for each and every one, where they can live and be loved as family members.

The volunteers within our rescue are committed to following our thorough processes to ensure that our rescue animals will always be safe and well cared for. The entire process of a successful application typically takes 1 – 2 weeks. The following is a basic layout of the steps involved:

• You have viewed the current adoptables and determined that one of our rescue animals would be a great fit in your home and that you can meet the needs of that pet.

• Complete and submit the online adoption application answering all questions honestly and with as much detail as possible.

• All applications received and are responded to within 48 hours. If you have not received a response, check your junk folder.

• The application is carefully reviewed and compared against the specific needs and requirements of the rescue animal to ensure it is the best possible match.

• The application, once approved will be forwarded to a home visit volunteer in your area and a more detailed explanation of our process will be emailed to you. Please review this email carefully as it contains important information.

• References, vet clinics and landlords (if applicable) are called by one of our volunteers. It can help to make this process smooth if the people you have listed are aware that they will be hearing from us.

• You will be given the opportunity, if you choose, to contact the foster home and learn more about the rescue animal that you have applied for. The foster home has gotten to know the rescue animal very well and can give you some insight into their daily lives, habits, personality etc.

• A home visit appointment will be scheduled for which all persons residing in the home must be in attendance, including family pets.

• Once complete, our Adoptions Coordinator will review the report and notify you of the outcome.

• On approval of the home visit, a Meet & Greet will be scheduled where again, all persons residing in the home must attend, including family dogs. We prefer to do the meet & greet in the potential home, in which case this step may take place in combination with the home visit. Unfortunately, logistics may dictate that you need to travel to meet the dog.

• Upon careful observation during the Meet & Greet where all questions have been clarified, if all parties agree that there is a good connection we may proceed with the adoption at that time, reviewing and completing the contract and completing the transaction of the adoption fee.

• Many photos will be taken during the Meet & Greet and family photos as well that will be publicly posted on our Facebook page. There are many volunteers involved in the steps of your adopted pet’s journey to whom this is a huge reward and moment of celebration.

We pride ourselves in responding to and processing applications in a timely manner and do our best to respond to every one of them within 48 hours.

Please contact our Adoptions Coordinator – adopt@ckanimalrescue.com if you have not received a response to confirm that your application was successfully received or if you have questions at any point during the process.

Adoption Fees

While our main goal is to place our rescue animals into permanent homes, in order to continue that mission we must charge an adoption fee. The adoption fee collected for one successfully adopted pet will help to offset the cost of the next dog that we are able to save, and sadly there is always another who needs to be saved. While some may believe the fees to be too high, the fact is, the cost involved in vetting these animals on your own would, in most cases, be much higher. We strongly believe that the health and well being of each of our rescue animals is our responsibility as their guardians while in our care and as such, will not adopt out an animal that has not been vetted. Unless expressly agreed upon by both parties, in writing, all veterinary expenses incurred after the point of adoption are at the adopter’s expense.

Adoption Fees (unless otherwise stated on the rescue animal’s profile)

• Puppy (under 1 year) – $400

• Adult (1 year +) – $350

• Senior – $250

• Bonded pair – Posted on profiles for bonded pairs

What is included in the adoption fee

• spay/neuter (age appropriate – puppies/kittens adopted will need to be altered by one of our approved veterinary clinics when required at the rescue’s expense)

• up to date vaccinations

• microchip

• parasite screening

• other medical costs that may have been incurred while in foster care i.e. dental, infection, heartworm treatment

• food and supplies while in foster care

Once the adoption is finalized our office volunteers will mail any veterinary records that we have on file as well as a copy of the adoption contract to the applicants.