Dog Adoption Checklist

You decided that it’s the right time to welcome a furry companion to your home, and now you are thinking about your options. Which breed should we pick? Do we want a big or a small dog? What if my kid is allergic? Are there hypoallergenic breeds your son won’t have reactions to? What kind of temperament are we looking for in a dog? An outdoorsy, active dog, or rather a laid-back, easygoing pup?

Those are numbers of questions that surely start running through your mind as soon as you realize you really want to get a dog. And while answering these important questions is really important, what most people forget is that there are plenty of animals in rescue shelters waiting to get a new home. While you might not get the exact breed you were planning to, or you might have to sacrifice that cute puppy phase, adopting a pet can benefit you and your family in multiple ways.

First of all, the feeling that you are actually saving an innocent life will make you feel more fulfilled and happy. A lot of animals that you find in shelters have been through some really tough time and experienced cruelty, neglect, abandonment from their previous owners. That’s why engaging yourself and your family in the recovery of your new pet will bring plenty of new things in your life. Especially if you have children, they might teach a lot from your family’s effort to provide an animal with a safe place to stay and plenty of affection.

Not only will adopting a dog make you really understand what unconditional love is, but you will also be getting a new best friend that will never forget what you did for them. But that’s still not it!

Adopting a dog instead of buying a new one will also save you money! Shelters and rescues work to provide their animals with the best care possible, so that’s why most of them microchip, spay, neuter and vaccinate the animals before you even decide you will be taking one home. This saves a lot of money you would otherwise have to pay.

On the other hand, getting an adult, housetrained dog (that might have ended up in a shelter because of reasons other than maltreatment, negligence or abandonment) might be a perfect companion for someone that doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on training and teaching your new dog some basic commands. Prepare to ask some questions and you will likely find an amazing four-legged pal in some of your closest shelters.

But, one thing remains the same whether you decide to adopt a dog or to get a new puppy from a breeder: you will have to buy some basic items and equipment that will make your home a dog-friendly environment. Therefore, we’re giving you an insight to must have things you have to buy before taking a dog home. Here’s a handy dog adoption checklist brought by BarkingRoyalty that you will surely find very helpful! (if you need more details on how to choose each of these, check out this article on dog adoption)

Good luck with adopting your new dog! We wish you plenty of amazing moments with your new companion!