Our Foster Application Process

Our foster families are the backbone of our rescue and without them, we just would not be able to save these rescue animals. As a animal foster parent you are a critical stepping stone on a rescue animals journey to a loving permanent home. The pay is terrible, but the rewards are life changing.

The following is what you may expect in the process of becoming an animal foster parent with our rescue:

* Complete the online application answering all questions honestly and providing as much detail as possible then submit.

* The application is received by our Foster Coordinator and responded to within 48 hours.

* If the application meets our criteria it is then forwarded to a volunteer who will call your references. This part of the process can be completed more smoothly if you notify the people you have listed that they should be expect a call from us.

* Once the references have been checked the application is handed off to a home visit volunteer in your area. A home visit will be scheduled with you to which all persons residing in the home, as well as resident pets must be in attendance. More detailed information will be gathered that will help us to determine which rescue animals would be best suited to your home i.e. good with cats, children, fence/unfenced yard.

* The home visit report is then reviewed and you will be notified if your application has been approved.

If you have questions at any point in the process please email our Foster Coordinator – foster@ckanimalrescue.com

All new animal foster parents are paired up with an experienced foster mentor – regardless of past fostering experience. This foster mentor will provide important information on our specific processes, provide support and advice and be your go-to as you navigate the wonderful and fulfilling world of being an animal foster parent.