Muffy – Adopted – Jan 20/17

Miss Muffy lost her former owner and thankfully we were able to welcome her into our rescue to help her find her new forever home. She is a sweetheart! She is so dainty and polite and very loving and cuddly. Muffy has lots of doggie neighbours to have many play dates. Her family were so excited to meet her, they fell in love the minute she walked in. Thanks to everybody who helped Muffy get her Happy Ending!

Bosco – Adopted – Jan 18/18

Bosco came to our foster program a few months ago when his family could no longer care for him. They wanted us to help him find a home where he would not sit home all day long alone. This little guy is quite the character and he knows how to put on the charm lol We are happy to announce Bosco’s adoption and thrilled he has his second chance! Thanks to everybody involved who helped Bosco on this next step in his life’s journey.

Trix – Adopted – Jan 13/18

Sweet little Trix came to our foster program a few months ago. He came from a not so great situation and now he has a great life ahead of him! Trix has some buddies to keep him out of trouble and keep him busy! He walked right into his new home and made himself right very comfortable! Thanks to everyone who helped Trix get his Second chance!

Holly – Adopted – Jan 7/18

Sweet little Holly has patiently been waiting for her forever family. We are happy to announce her Happy Ending! Holly came to our rescue with two other small dogs when she lost her owner and needed help to find a new loving home. She is a little charmer and doesn’t take long to wrap your heart around her little paw. We are all thrilled for Holly and thank everyone involved in helping her get her second chance!

Daisy – Adopted – Jan 6/18

Daisy recently came to our foster program. She is a beautiful one year old girl who needed to find a new home due to a move. Daisy made herself at home in her foster home and found she had two four legged buddies who really loved having her there too! Today it was made official, Daisy was staying right where she was. Thanks to everyone who helped Daisy get her Happy Ending!

Duncan – Adopted – Jan 6/18

Sweet Duncan came to our foster program a few weeks ago. He is one laid back, sweet and handsome guy! Those eyes will melt your heart! Duncan’s foster family fell in love with him and wanted to welcome him officially into their family. He has two little brothers who were also former fosters of our rescue. Duncan has a wonderful, loving family and a great life ahead of him now! Thanks to everyone who helped Duncan get his second chance!

Harrison (aka Harry) – Adopted – Dec 29/17

Handsome Harry got his wish for the new year….his forever home! Harrison is one charming little guy with the most adorable face. He is full of love and enjoying all the attention he gets with his new family. Harry has a wonderful life ahead of him and we are so happy for him! Thanks to everyone who helped Harrison get his Happy Ending!

Guiness – Adopted – Dec 17/17

Guiness is the last puppy from the family we brought into our foster program in November, to find his forever home! He also gets to stay in touch with his brother Alfie often too! Guiness was pretty happy to see he has 4 kids of his own to keep him entertained too! Thanks to everyone who helped Guiness get his second chance!

Cricket – Adopted – Dec 16/17

Cricket waltzed into her new home today after patiently waiting 8 months for someone to see how special she is….and she had her new family wrapped around her little paw within minutes! She checked out everywhere in her new home and gave it her paws up stamp of approval! This sweet senior acts like a puppy and has a lifetime of love ahead of her! Thanks to everyone who helped her get her Happy Ending!

Lady – Adopted – Dec 15/17

Little Lady walked into the hearts of her new family and made herself right at home! She was a little unsure of the very friendly kitty who was very curious about his new friend. Lady settled right in and enjoyed all the attention. She is such a confident little lady, everybody loves her! Thanks to everyone who helped Lady get her second chance!