Cash recently came to our foster program. His family were not able to care for him and entrusted our rescue to help him find a new family. He met his new family and felt right at home. He has a beautiful home, yard and family who were very anxious to meet him to start sharing their lives with Cash. Thanks to everyone who helped Cash get his Happy Ending!

Nova is a beautiful girl who came to our foster program with a male and 3 puppies. She has been patiently waiting for the right home to come along to welcome her into the family. She got her wish! Nova was very comfortable, walked right into her new home as though she knew exactly where she was going. She found some balls right away and called them her own. We are very happy for Nova and wish her a wonderful life filled with love and adventures! Thanks to everyone who helped Nova get her Happy ending!

Sweet Amy came from a puppy mill where she was used as a breeder. She came to our rescue several months ago and had some fears to overcome which she has and continues to do. She has the kindest, most gentle spirit. Amy was placed into a foster home who understood the time needed for her to learn how to live as a happy girl on her own terms, step by step. She has done so well and is continuing to learn that life is good! Amy’s foster family fell in love and wanted to welcome her into their family. So happy for our little sweetheart Amy! Thanks to everyone who helped her get her happy ending!

PJ is one of a kind! This little guy can melt any heart and he sure did when he met his new mom. It was a love connection and he certainly made himself right at home like he had always lived there. PJ checked out every inch of his yard and gave it his paws up! Thanks to everyone who helped PJ get his Happy Ending!

This little girl is a charmer! She has such a fun loving personality and she was welcomed into her new home with open arms! Haisley came from a kill shelter, her young life had been spent chained outside. Her new life includes a four legged buddy who is just as playful as she is and lots of love for the rest of her life! These two ran almost non stop at her meet ‘n greet. Thanks to everyone who helped Haisley get her second chance!

Ollie has bounced around a few times and we are very hopeful this is his last move! He is such a happy, friendly little guy who sure loves his walks. He took his new dad for a test walk to see if he could keep up and he passed the test!. Ollie is taking over the roll of Prince of the house and filling his role very well! He checked out every inch of the yard and every room. He will be very loved in his new home and we wish him all the best! Thanks to everyone who helped Ollie get his Happy Ending!

Charlotte is the sweetest little beagle puppy girl who came into our foster program several weeks ago. She is now 7 months old and having a ball in her new forever home! She has a sister Sadee around the same age, these two girls entertain each other 24/7! Charlotte’s family adores her and are giving her the best life possible! Thanks to everyone who helped Charlotte get her Happy Ending!

This adorable little duo have been patiently waiting for their forever home to find them. Safety was top priority when reviewing applications because Lily is very inquisitive, fast and silent when she decides to check something out. Their new family have many safety precautions already in place and fell in love with these two. They have their own little park like setting for their back yard and a lot of cuddles and lovin’ waiting for them every day! It was hard to find just a few pics so enjoy a few extras to show how happy they both are.

Ruby is a unique older girl who knows what she wants and won’t settle for less 🙂 Ruby loves older men, she isn’t a huge fan of women but will take them because they may also bring her lunch and dinner so she tries to nice. Ruby is a sweet little senior who came from a kill shelter in Quebec. She lost her owner and had to start over again. She is very independent and has a mind of her own. Ruby met her new family and gave her paws up and is so happy. We wish her the very best and hope this love connection continues for many more years to come. We are very happy you got your wish Ruby! Thanks to everyone who helped Ruby with her Happy Ending!

Roxy is a beautiful little soul who found herself looking for a new home a few weeks ago. She had gone through a couple shuffles from home to home, no fault of her own. She is a cutie pie who easily wraps your heart around her little paw. Her new family welcomed her in with lots of hugs and love. Roxy has a big brother to keep her company who was also one of our rescue’s adoptees. She will be one spoiled little girl with a wonderful life ahead of her! Thanks to everyone who helped Roxy’s dream come true!