Hudson was found as a stray with another small dog. Poor guy was so skinny and straggly. He came into our foster program and enjoyed daily meals and lots of love. Hudson recently met his new family and it was love! Hudson really enjoys being held and really connected with his new dad. These two have the perfect lazy boy to watch sports on TV. We wish Hudson many years of love and happiness and look forward to updates!
Muffin was surrendered to a kill shelter in Quebec for barking when his former owners moved. We happily welcomed him into our foster program, he has been such a fun little guy and so smart. Muffin met his new mom recently and he was smitten with her! He made himself right at home and enjoyed his new beautiful backyard with all the cool things to check out. We love meeting those who want to share their lives with a senior pet. It’s very heartwarming to see the wonderful love connections with our pets and adopters. We have received an update already to say he is enjoying laying in the chair with his new mom to read or watch some tv. Happy days Muffin! We are so happy for you!
Cupcake was found as a tiny kitten who crawled up in the motor of a truck. Thankfully the people found him and contacted us. We welcomed little Cupcake into our foster program where he has grown into such a handsome boy! He recently met his new family who were so excited to welcome him into their family. He also has another friendly kitty close to his age. Cupcake has settled in quickly and enjoying the sights outside from their cat tree! Have an amazing life Cupcake we will look forward to updates!!
Sir Henry was surrendered to our foster program when things didn’t go well with him and another cat in the home. He met his new mom after a delay and Sir Henry sauntered out of his crate like a very cool kitty and made himself right at home! His new mom fell in love and we all agreed he is one handsome guy! Pictures do not do him justice. Sir Henry adjusted very quickly and we are so happy for him!
Cali came to our foster program a few months ago after her owner passed away and the family was not able to care for her. She patiently waited for her forever family to find her and they did! It was a wonderful love connection and she made herself at home right away! We wish her many happy years and look forward to the updates!
Shookie found himself in a kill shelter in Quebec. His adorable little face spoke to us and we had him pulled. Shookie has his own little personality and is cute as a button! He recently found his forever family who adores him too. He also goes to work and all the employees love him. Shookie is going to have the time of his life and won’t want for anything. He has so much love coming his way for the rest of his life.  
Black Jack and Neo were found as little 8-week-old babies and welcomed into our foster program. Both of these boys are the sweetest and have the funniest, playful personalities. They love to hug and jump on your shoulders. These brothers found their forever family who was so excited to welcome them into their family and as playmates for their little tabbie guy. We love the updates already! They were camera shy on their adoption day and thanks to the adopters for helping out with some new pics for their adoption announcement.
Doogie was found as a tiny kitten in a store being renovated. A king man name Doug contacted our rescue to ask if we could take him. Kitten’s new name was Doogie! Doogie has grown into a very handsome young kitten of approx 10 months old and he found his forever home! He was camera shy the day of his adoption so we asked his new family if they could send us a picture of him. Doogies loves to sit on the back of his dad’s chair and lick his hair, it’s so heartwarming to see! Doogie is loved and that’s the mission – to find the love connection for a lifetime! We have received updates on Doogie’s new life and this little boy won’t want for anything!
Bandit came to our foster program a few months ago. He was very timid and afraid of new situations. He came so far thanks to his foster family who gave him the confidence to enjoy his life, meet more people and discover he didn’t have to be afraid. Bandit recently met his new mom who was so excited to welcome him into her home. Bandit is enjoying his new life with many daily walks and lots of love and attention. We have received many updates and are so thrilled for him!
Teddy was found a few months ago by a good samaritan. He was found outside in the cold and not having front claws, unless someone took pity on him he had to way to catch his food. We are happy we had a foster who said yes welcoming Teddy into their home to help him gain weight and get healthy again. Teddy met his new family and he has a cushy life ahead of him! He has made himself right at home and all the luxuries of a spoiled kitty! We have received updates already and things couldn’t be better!