Kenny came to our rescue’s foster program with his two siblings as little ones. They were born outside to feral moms and thanks to a kind woman who wanted them to have a better life, we welcomed these little furbabies. Kenny was timid at first but he has really come around thanks to being in a foster home to prepare him for his forever home. He was moved to a second foster home where his foster family fell in love with this handsome little guy and they made him an official member of the family! We love these happy endings and look forward to many, many updates!! Kenny has his own Christmas ornament and personalized name tag on his collar. Welcome home Kenny!
Allan came to our foster program with 2 other tiny kittens. Found outside with other feral moms. Thanks to a kind lady who wanted them to have a better life, they came into our foster program. Allan caught the attention of his foster family with his silly poses and antics, they decided he was not going anywhere! Allan is such a handsome boy. We love to see him enjoying his new life with his family!
Betty was surrendered to a kill shelter in Quebec and made the long trip to our foster program. The poor girl was a mess and had a spa day along with seeing her doctor to ensure she was in tip-top shape for an older cutie pie! Betty met her new family who fell in love with her and she really liked the biggest bed in the house plus every room she would roll on her back to make sure her scent was in every room! She has the sweetest little personality. We know Betty has a wonderful life ahead of her and we look forward to being kept up to date!

Chloe was found as a little stray baby and brought to our rescue. She just fit right in and loved being loved in her foster home. Chloe was adopted by a family who adored her just from her picture and showered her with so much love when they met her. This girl is so lucky to have her new family who made sure she has lots of fun toys to keep her busy. Can’t wait for her updates!
Gary was found as a tiny little orphan baby, he was in need of a lot of TLC. Thanks to his foster family, he got all the love he needed and grew to be a handsome bigger baby! Gary met his new family and he is going to be one spoiled boy! He made himself right at home and we look forward to updates!
Bubbles, now called Maggie, was a very timid scared little girl when she came to our foster program. Her foster family helped her gain some confidence during her stay. Maggie met her new family a few weeks ago and it’s a beautiful love connection for Maggie and her new family. She has a huge window to do her bird-watching with her big brother and watch the people walk by too. Her new mom has sent updates and we are so happy for her!
Cookie is an older girl who was adopted and returned several months ago. She adapted quickly in her foster home, and since having a dental, she feels like a puppy again! Cookie has her little four-legged buddies she enjoys hanging out with and her family adore her. We love the updates and wish her the happiest life!


Jack has been a unique little guy with a unique character since he came to our foster program several months ago. He has learned so much since being in our foster care and his dream came true to have his own forever family! He met his new mom who welcomed him with open arms. Jack has a beautiful backyard to explore, like his own little forester. He is treated like a little prince and we are so happy for him! We love the updates we have received and look forward to many more!

Koko came to our foster program when her family separated and she needed a new home. She was the perfect guest while waiting for her forever home. Her new mom has been working with her to get her girly figure back as she was overweight but happy as a clam! Her new mom tells us Koko has her own Cleopatra sofa and how fitting for such a beauty as Koko! We wish her the best life a girl could ask for and we look forward to updates!

Balou found himself in a kill shelter and he was welcomed to our foster program. We don’t know anything about his background but he evolved into such a wonderful sweet boy. He loves people and when he met his new dad, he was smitten. He gets daily walks, takes a ride in a truck and has camping all summer to look forward to! Balou is a sweetheart and we are so happy he got his happy ending. Updates are received and appreciated!