Cruz came to our foster program several months ago. His owner was not able to care for him and he went to live with another family. Cruz was not happy living with other cats so the family entrusted his care to us to find him the perfect home. He likes being the centre of someone’s attention and that’s what he has in his new home. Cruz met his new mom and he is going to be one spoiled baby! He had a new cat tree delivered before the end of his adoption day. Love was in the air for Cruz and his new mom! We are all so happy for him and look forward to updates!

Coal came to our rescue several weeks ago when his owner could no longer take care of him. This handsome guy is amazing! He loves everybody and everything, he is the coolest cucumber! Coal met his new mom and it was an awesome love connection. He gets his daily walks, gets to chat with the local ducks and their babies, is a neighbourhood celebrity and has the best life now! We are really thrilled for him and are enjoying updates already!

Gipson was pulled from a high kill shelter a few years ago, was adopted and returned to our rescue. He is such a wonderful little guy with so much love to give. Gipson has an issue where he tries to attack his tail, not everyone can deal with this issue but his foster family fell in love with him and are committed to helping him get past this issue which we think may have to do with anxiety. We are so grateful for his family who adore him and will do whatever it takes to give him the happiest life possible. We look forward to many happy updates!

Oreo was an abandoned tiny baby who was welcomed by a nursing mom in our rescue who had 6 kittens of her own and 4 other abandoned babies. This little guy is a fighter and he is such a lovebug! Oreo loves his new family and the feeling is mutual! We love love connections! And we look forward to awesome updates!

These two brothers were found as tiny kittens several weeks ago outside on their own. Their foster mom fell in love with these two boys and wanted to welcome them to her family. Pascal is the lovebug while Finn is a bit aloof. These two are adored and loved and that’s what matters most! We wish them a long, happy life with their new family!

Beautiful Aurora was surrendered to our foster program several weeks ago. She was recently moved to another foster home because she enjoys her own company and not sharing her time with kittens or dogs 🙂 This is one of those awesome times when a love connection happens so fast! We are proud to announce another beautiful foster failure. Aurora is the sweetest, most affectionate girl who wrapped her new dad around her furry paws on the first day! We wish her many years of happiness!

Murphy was found as a stray by a caring citizen and asked us to help Murphy find his forever family. This guy has personality plus! He walked into his new home and he owned his new family right away! He made himself right at home and checked out every corner. He met his new feline brother and moved on to see what else he could discover. He liked the basement! Murphy has a wonderful life ahead of him and we couldn’t be happier!

Boomer came to our rescue when he was just under a year old and was returned recently due to family health issues. This buy bounces back no matter what! He settled in to his foster home and waited for his new family to see how handsome he is and what a funny guy he can be. Boomer met his new family and he walked in like he had been there all along! We love amazing love connections and that’s what this was for Boomer! Updates already received and he is sucking up the attention and all the lovin’!

Magellan, also called Jellie, is one of four tiny babies who were motherless and came into our foster program. This sweet little girl melted her foster mom’s heart and we have a wonderful foster failure again! Jellie is so playful, loves attention. We are so happy for her and look forward to updates!

Our 3 little kittens found in a box at the rescue office all found a wonderful home together. They all made themselves right at home when the crate doors were open – each one went in a different direction and each one had a very excited kid following close behind! Thanks to some very dedicated foster moms, these little guys got the best start possible. We look forward to many happy updates about this little trio! We are thankful to the adopters for keeping these brothers together.