Charlie – Adopted – Oct 14/17

Little Charlie lost his home a few weeks ago when his owner passed away. He and his mom and grandma came to our foster program and promised them to find the most amazing homes we could and Charlie found his! He is so intrigued by new new brother and follows him around. Charlie loved exploring his new yard and has made himself right at home! Thanks to everyone who helped Charlie get his Happy ending!

Butch – Adopted – Oct 14/17

Butch has had a bit of a rough start in his young life, and a few bounces around with adoptions where he was returned through no fault of his own. Today he put his paw down and told his foster mom he was staying! It was one of those love connections that just needed a little patience to find the right one…and he did! Thanks to everyone who helped Butch get his Happy ending!

Lovey – Adopted – Oct 14/17

Sweet little Lovey is truly a lovebug! Although her eyesight isn’t the best, this little girl is a charmer! Lovey met her new dad today and he was so excited to welcome her into her new home, he made sure she had her choice of 5 beds to pick from to have her beauty sleep. And when on a walk, if she is a little too tired, she has her own stroller! That is the life we want for every dog – a happy one filled with lots of love! Thanks to everyone who helped Lovey get her Happy Ending.

Bailey – Adopted – Oct 7/17

Bailey came to our rescue in the spring, she had some fear issues with women and would only go to men. We can only guess why. Thanks to the patience of her foster family, she worked through her fears and was very comfortable and happy meeting her new family. They think she is a keeper and so do we! Bailey has a new little sister who was in disbelief she has a new playmate. Have fun girls! Thanks to everyone who helped Bailey get her second chance.

Charlie – Adopted – Oct 6/17

Little Charlie found himself needing a new home a few weeks ago. We welcomed him into our foster program and waited for his new family. Charlie met his new family and it was love all around! We truly love sharing these love connections. It’s the greatest reward for our volunteers. Thanks to everyone who helped Charlie get his second chance!

Harley – Adopted – Oct 2/17

Harley has had quite the hurdles to jump since coming into our foster program but this happy go lucky girl was more than ready to finally find her forever home! She has a new brother around the same age and a family who loved her from the moment they saw her picture. Harley has a beautiful huge yard to run and play with her brother and lots of happy days ahead of this girl! Thanks to everyone who helped Harley get her Second Chance!

Poppy – Adopted – Sept 25/17

Poppy is one of those little guys you never forget. He is so gentle and loving, he melts your heart as soon as you meet him. Poppy has been with our rescue for a few months. We promised him a better life than the one he had before and we kept our promise. He found a wonderful, loving home with a family who has adopted from our rescue before. These two love each other and playtime is priority! Thanks to everyone who helped Poppy get his Second Chance!

Navi – Adopted – Sept 25/17

Navi came to us a few weeks ago after receiving a tearful call from his former owner who could no longer take care of him. He wanted the best for Navi and our rescue was recommended. Navi is a very personable guy, loves everybody! He now has a family who adore him and he is getting all the love and attention they can give him. Thanks to everyone who helped Navi get his Happy Ending!

Paisley – Adopted – Sept 23/17

Little Paisley recently came to our foster program. Sadly she lost her family when they moved and pets were not allowed. This little girl quickly found her Happy Ending with a family who cherish and adore her! She has lots of love and attention coming her way for many years to come! Thanks to everyone who helped Paisley get her second chance!

Canon – Adopted – Sept 21/17

Canon found himself in a high kill shelter, adopted twice and returned twice for escaping. From our experience since he arrived, he just wants to be with people who adore him and he isn’t tempted to look for attention. Canon met his forever family and needless to say, when looking at the pics, it was a definite love connection! So many pics of him kissing his new mom, he has a wonderful home, big yard and a lifetime of attention and cuddles waiting for him! Thanks to everyone who helped Canon get his Happy Ending!