Gumbo – Adopted – Dec 8/18

Handsome little Gumbo lost his owner and was looking for a new home to adore him and love him. He came to our rescue a few weeks ago where he settled in and patiently waited. He is such a good little boy, our hearts break when we know they are mourning the loss of their former family. Gumbo met his new family who also adopted another little girl from our rescue. He was welcomed with open arms and instant love. He was a little overwhelmed and started settling in quickly as he realized he hit the jackpot! Thanks to everyone who helped Gumbo get his second chance!

Stu – Adopted – Nov 24/18

This adorable little guy needed to find a new home recently and he came to our rescue’s foster program. He is a heartbreaker wherever he goes! Stu has a sweet personality and is also very entertaining! This guy loves to play ball too. His foster family fell in love with Stu and his adoption was made official. Very happy for this little guy and we wish him a long happy life!

Lola – Adopted – Nov 11/18

Lola is one little very timid girl who came here with her brother and father (both have found their forever homes). She was born and grew up her first year living outside in a very rural area. Her parents were dumped on the side of a road and a nice family took them in and a family soon came along. Living outside these dogs have had many fears so thanks to some very patient kind hearted foster families, they have learned to be dogs and have fun! Lola still has her fears but she has been doing very well in her new home over the past few days. We wanted to wait before posting her adoption pics and happy to report her new family are updating her foster home with positive reviews! We are very happy for Lola and wish her a long life filled with nothing but good things! Thanks to everyone who helped Lola get her second chance!

Nelly – Adopted – Nov 11/18

Sweet little Nelly was an owner surrender to a kill shelter as a result of a divorce. She was afraid and on death row. Fortunately for us, we found out about her and said yes she was welcome to come for our rescue. Nelly is such a friendly, happy little girl. She is so content to be cuddled and loved. Nelly met her new family and made herself right at home! She checked out every nook and cranny inside and out! She is quite happy and settled in already. Thanks to everyone who helped Nelly get her second chance! She deserved it!

Ginger – Adopted – Nov 5/18

Ginger is such a sweet girl and so very shy. We don’t know anything about her former life, it was a sad one we’re sure. Her new family saw her beautiful face and wanted to give her the forever home she has dreamed of! Ginger has a very eager four legged sister who can’t wait for her to realize she is home and ready to party! Thanks to everyone who helped Ginger on her journey to find a family to call her own!

Mitzi – Adopted – November 2/18

Mitzi found herself without a home and thanks to a rescue friend, she was safe and cared for until she could move to our foster program. She is a young beauty who is shy but loves affection, loves to play, loves to do what puppies do! Mitzi has a family who patiently waited to meet her and loved her the minute she walked in the door. We wish her a long happy life in her new home! Thanks to everyone who helped Mitzi get her second chance!

Coco – Adopted – Nov 2/18

Coco found himself at a kill shelter in Quebec where he was running out of time. Dumped by his former owners, listed as snapping for reason to surrender. This little guy was so severely matted, he couldn’t see, his feet were so embedded with stones and other garbage, his poor little feet were like wearing steel boots. Once he was carefully shaved down and cleaned up on his spa day, a new dog appeared! Coco knows what he likes and he sure loves his new family! He hopped on her lap and followed his new mom everywhere she went! Thanks to everyone who helped Coco get his second chance!

Sunny – Adopted – Oct 29/18

Sweet little Sunny came to our foster program a few short weeks ago. This little guy has so much personality he shines wherever he goes! He is so lovable and friendly. He is a ray of sunshine! His foster family fell in love and decided to make him an official part of their family! Thanks to everyone who helped Sunny get his second chance!

Stu – Adopted – Oct 21/18

Stu is one of those interesting guys who takes a few tries to find the perfect home. He is a unique little guy and has a mind of his own. He was found as a stray and taken to a shelter where he was going to be euthanized. He has done very well in his foster home and loves the freedom of a big yard to run and play. Stu will let you know when he is in the mood for a belly rub and he is always ready for a tasty treat! Thanks to everyone who helped Stu get this chance to have a forever home.

Addy – Adopted – Oct 22/18

Little Addy and her two siblings were carried as babies by their mom to the front porch of a home. The owner contacted our rescue and asked if we could help. Thankfully a foster family stepped up to say yes to this little family. Addy was welcomed with open arms to her new family. We wish her a long, happy life! Thanks to everyone who helped Addy get her second chance.