Boots (dog), Honey (cat) and Lou (cat) – Adopted – Aug 18/17

These three all found a wonderful home together! Boots came from a farm where he had so much loss of fur from flea allergies, heartworm positive and so unhealthy his former owner was going to shoot him. Honey the cat came to us a few years ago, she has been one of our office girls greeting visitors and Lou, the cat came to us with frostbite to her legs and ear. All 3 of these sweethearts are healthy and filled with so much love. The opportunity came up where they could have a forever home and today is there day! Thanks to the foster families who helped these amazing animals get the care they needed to help them get their Happy Ending!

Tater – Adopted – Aug 10/17

Tater recently came to our foster program, he needed to find a family who would be home more so this little guy wasn’t sitting alone all day. He got his wish! His new family were so anxious to meet him. He has a lot of love ahead of him and more time with family, that’s what he was waiting for….thanks to everyone who helped Tater get his Happy Ending!

Ella – Adopted – Aug 8/17

Ella was welcomed into her new family with lots of love and belly rubs! She really loves playinig with her big four legged siblings. Ella is a timid girl, sadly we don’t know what her background is other than she found herself at a high kill shelter. She takes some time to warm up and trust. She has a beautiful big yard to romp and play and we are really happy for her! Thanks to everyone who helped her get her Happy Ending!

Hope – Adopted – August 7/17

Sweet little Hope was a former breeder who was being retired and either being sent to a shelter or being shot. She came to us with another little girl from the same breeder. Hope had horrible teeth with so much infection, she was in a lot of pain. After visiting her vet she is so much better and looking forward to her new home that is filled with so much love. Hope will never have to be afraid again. Thanks to everyone who helped this little girl get her Happy Ending!

Riley – Adopted – Aug 3/17

Beautiful Riley met her new family and this girl walked in and felt right at home! She entered our foster program recently and when her picture was posted, her new family immediately put in an application hoping to meet this charming, happy girl. Riley loves her big back yard, she picked out the bed she plans to sleep on and she has a wonderful family who adore her already! Riley has a little four legged sister in her life too. Thanks to everyone who made this such a great Happy Ending for Riley!

BoBo – Adopted – July 30/17

BoBo was surrendered by his former family who could no longer take care of him. He lost some of his fur, badly infested with fleas, nails that had grown into a circle into the little paws and he has been dealing with dry eye. This little sweetheart has had a lot to deal with the past few months. We are all so happy he found his forever family. They were very excited to meet him, he put on a good show and danced and stretched out on the carpet, happily took some treats. BoBo has a very wonderful, loving life ahead of him and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks to everyone who helped BoBo get his second chance!

Dexter – Adopted – July 28/17

Handsome Dexter was recently returned to our rescue due to illness in the family. This big boy made himself right at home in his foster home. He wagged his stubby tail and placed his paw on the hearts of his foster family and claimed them as his! He is such a happy, funny guy, we are so happy for him and his Happy Ending! Thanks to everyone who helped Dexter get this chance to have his forever home filled with lots of love!

Flip – Adopted – July 24/17

Senior guy Flip can now relax because he has found his forever home. He was found as a stray dragging a heavy chain around his neck. He was referred to as a junk yard dog and no one came looking for this sweet guy. Not only was he skin and bones but he also was heartworm positive. Flip was welcoming into our foster program and we are happy to say he is heartworm negative and doing great! His new mom takes him for daily walks and he gets whatever he needs to keep him happy and comfortable! Thanks to everyone who helped Flip get his Happy Ending!

Chloe – Adopted – July 21/17

Little Chloe came to our foster program a few weeks ago. She was in need of surgery to remove a bladder stone that was creating problems for her. She was patiently waiting for a great home to call her own and now she has it! She has a lively little firecracker like herself to run and play, these two hit it right off. She has a wonderful family who were so excited to meet her, it was a love connection! Thanks to everyone who helped Chloe get her Happy Ending!

Sugar – Adopted – July 17/17

Sugar was recently adopted and returned due to her new little companion not being as happy about sharing her family. Sugar met another family who were very excited to meet her. She is the princess in the house, already follows her new dad around and knows her new mom has something tasty when she is in the kitchen. This little girl is going to be pampered and loved and cherished the rest of her life! Thanks to everyone who helped her get her Happy Ending!