Balou found himself in a kill shelter and he was welcomed to our foster program. We don’t know anything about his background but he evolved into such a wonderful sweet boy. He loves people and when he met his new dad, he was smitten. He gets daily walks, takes a ride in a truck and has camping all summer to look forward to! Balou is a sweetheart and we are so happy he got his happy ending. Updates are received and appreciated!

Hazel and Blackberry came from two different situations and became best friends in their foster home. They love to run and chase each other and snuggle together. They found their forever family who adore them already. Hazel and Blackberry are living their best lives and we are so grateful and thrilled for both of them!

Midge and Finn came to our foster program with two other siblings. These two little silly characters love each other and spending time playing and running together. They met their new family and they were so excited to see their new cat tree and all the fun toys they received as their welcome home gifts! These babies will be so loved in their new home and we are all excited for them and their new lives!
Smokey was born into the rescue with his siblings. He is a funny character and so full of confidence. He is a big fluffy loverboy! He recently met his new forever family and had no problem checking everything out. Smokey is so handsome and we wish him all the best in his life!

Linnie was found as a tiny baby in a field. A kind person found her and we had a spot to welcome this little cutie. Linnie was moved to a foster home where her family fell in love and wanted her to be part of their family. She is doing great and we couldn’t be happier!!

Simon was abandoned in an apartment with another cat. Thankfully the landlords contacted us and we have a foster family available to take Simon. He met his forever family who fell in love with him right away. He wandered and felt so comfortable. Updates are all wonderful! Welcome to your new life Simon, we all wish you the best!

Tobi was pulled from a kill shelter a few days before he was listed to be euthanized due to so many dogs in the shelter where he was surrendered. This happy puppy, under a year old, was placed into one of our foster homes where he was welcomed as one of the family. This little boy has a great mom and a fabulous long life ahead of him!

Sandy came to our foster program several weeks ago when her family were unable to continue caring for her. She met her new foster mom and the two became fast friends! Fast forward a few weeks later and Sandy is a loved member of the family! We wish Sandy all the best in her new life!

Gucci found himself in a kill shelter and was welcomed into our foster program. He met his new foster family by insisting his foster dad play fetch with a ball. He could keep up with chasing the ball and nudging it to his foster dad to throw it again all day long! Well, we know how things ended – Gucci is now a loved member of the family! We love these stories and are so happy for Gucci!

Tiger found himself in a kill shelter and came to our foster program several weeks ago. The start of his life was not great but he has a beautiful life now with his new mom. He is making new four-legged friends, enjoying his daily walks and lots of love. We love the updates and wish him a wonderful life!