Scrappy has been in our foster program for over a year, this boy came to us skin and bones and little fur on his body. Many may remember. He has filled out, got a full body of beautiful flowing black fur and this boy is happy and loves life! He met his new dad who has lots of plans in store for Scrappy, including camping and hiking. We are so happy for this big handsome guy, his Happy Ending finally happened for him! Thanks to everyone who helped Scrappy get his forever home.

Moose is a very tiny, happy little guy who recently came to our foster program after his former owner could no longer care for him as he wanted to. Moose is your typical, hyper, very playful, loving little puppy. He met his new family and couldn’t wait to shake up the house! He also has his own little girl to cuddle him when his four legged little playmate needs a break. Lots of love in store for Moose! Thanks to everyone who helped Moose get his Happy Ending!

Sweet little Belle lost her owner and she needed to find a new home. She is a princess, sweet as can be! Belle met her new family and her new sibling – these two hit it right off and it’s the start of a beautiful friendship! We are very happy that Belle has gotten her second chance at love. Thanks to everyone who helped her get her Happy Ending!

Maggie has been in our foster care for a few weeks. She needed to find a new home and we promised we would help her find her forever family. Maggie is a very sweet, happy little soul who just loves life. She is very relaxed and touched the hearts of her new family when she met them today. We love these love connections! This adorable little girl has a wonderful life ahead of her. Thanks to everyone who helped Maggie get her Second chance!

Lincoln came to our foster program several weeks ago and was anxiously waiting for his forever family to come along and love him up! His dream came true and what a wonderful life this sweet boy is going to have! Initially when he came to our rescue, he was apprehensive when meeting new people. On his meet ‘n greet our volunteer started to explain he may be very timid when he started in the back yard…Lincoln was in so in love with his new home, he rushed up to the patio door to greet his new mom who had a squeaky toy waiting. He went back outside again and checked out every corner of the yard and rolled around several times, what a happy little guy! We love it when the dogs feel great about meeting their new families and are right at home. Thanks to everyone who helped Lincoln get his second chance, he is very happy!

Jinx recently came to our foster program and was patiently waiting for his new family to spot his picture and profile. It didn’t take long, his new family submitted an application as soon as he was posted on our page that he was a newcomer. Jinx met his new family today and he is in his glory! This boy loves kids and having a family to spend lots of time with…he got his wish! Thanks to everyone who helped Jinx get his Happy Ending!

Angel was very excited to meet her new family, she recently came into our foster program. She is a happy little girl who loves to run and play. Her new family are experienced with her breed and the energy these little dogs have. They look forward to giving her a very happy, long life filled with lots of love! Thanks to everyone who helped Angel get her Happy Ending!

Chompo found himself looking for a new family to adore him and came to our foster program a few weeks ago. He is a very playful, happy little guy who loves life. He met his family, wandered around and checked out his new home and gave his little paw of approval! Thanks to everyone who helped Chompo get his Happy Ending!

Oliver came to our foster program a few years ago and due to his former life of neglect, he was placed in our long term foster program. He arrived with a small senior girl – both had been confined in one room by their former elderly owners, both with dementia. These poor dogs were so unhealthy and in horrendous shape. Oliver has been loved by his foster mom since he arrived and he has come a long way. His foster mom adopted Oliver with the promise of him having a wonderful retirement home with her!

Little Jack is one of 4 siblings who were born outdoors and thanks to a very caring couple brought them inside and asked if our rescue could help them find great families. Jack is the third baby to find his forever family. The family’s cat wasn’t sure about a newcomer in their home but these two adjusted very quickly! Jack’s family sent an updated pic of the two of them sleeping side by side. Enjoy your Second chance Jack, we are so happy for you little guy!