Volunteer Testimonials

His name was Wills, the dog nobody wanted. Curvature of the spine, a broken foot his prior owner ignored, and a heart condition that intereferred with this little Toy Fox Terrier finding his forever home.  He became a permanent foster and was placed in my care for four years and last year died peacefully in his sleep.  I still miss him terribly, and the support received from other foster families helped my grieving process, I even received flowers from a foster Mom, I thank God for my CK Animal Rescue Family each and every day.

My joy and happiness in fostering dogs is just that my own, I have never tried to in-still my love of rescue to family, but whenever I received a new foster their excitement in meeting them always put a smile on my face.  This journey I started five years ago was just that my journey, since then my daughter and granddaughter are now proud foster Mom’s for the rescue. I’m so very proud to say we are a three generation family of foster Mom’s , who never for one minute knew we would end up adopting one of our precious rescue dogs.  Chee Chee, Chance, and Sapphire walked into our homes and straight to our hearts.

Sharron GilesFosterer

My name is Dani Norman and I think I have the best job at the Rescue – I’m the Cat Cuddlier! I come in on office days and play with and pet the cats. I’ve been doing this for almost a year now and it never gets old. I’ve watched the kittens grow up and the older cats get more interactive. I’ve said good-bye as some go to foster homes or to forever home’s and although I miss them, I am happy to see them on their way.

Not that I don’t like the dogs too! I’ve made friends with several of the resident dogs and give them a little love coming and going.

I’m also very involved with the fundraising and educational events we hold. I’ve helped teach high school students about the work of the Rescue, sold tickets, attend Dog Days, helped with the Spring Auction, staffed a yard sale, transported a foster pet to the vet when her foster had to work…about the only thing I can’t do is foster ’cause of the pet rules in my apartment!

There are all kinds of activities a person can volunteer for to raise money to help rescue and care for our animals. Just a few hours a month can make a life or death difference for an innocent in a high-kill shelter.    Please consider making that difference.

Dani NormanFosterer / Volunteer

The 1st best decision we ever made was to adopt from CK Animal Rescue.

The 2nd best decision we ever made was to become Foster Parents with CK Animal Rescue.

Kathleen FoubisterFosterer

I first started working with CK Animal Rescue back in 2013. I was very interested in fostering. What impressed me most was that a home visit volunteer came to my house to ensure that the dogs in the rescue’s care would be safe and well looked after.

Shortly after our home was approved we received our 1st foster dog. When it came time for him to go to his meet and greet I was both happy and sad. Happy that he was going to have a family of his own but sad for us. We have now fostered 20 dogs. It doesn’t get any easier to let them go, they wiggle their way into your heart and they take a piece of it with them when they go Each of the dogs we have had all had their own unique personality and silly quirks that we will forever remember them by. My friends have all asked how can you keep doing it.

My answer is simple, the more dogs I can foster the more dogs find a forever home and then more dogs can be saved. The success to our rescue is that all our dogs are in foster homes getting socialized and loved. They are cared for like they are our own. These dogs show us such unconditional love. They are so grateful for a second chance at a happy life. We have a great bunch of volunteers that put all our rescue animals first. It has truly been a family affair for us. I have also started volunteering at Adoption Events and other events, I believe in educating people on the importance of adopting a rescue dog.

Working with CK Animal Rescue has given me a sense of purpose and I feel that I have really made a difference in this world. It is a huge commitment and one that should not be taken lightly. Both my husband and I are really glad that we took that step and filled out the foster and volunteer applications. We have gained a whole new family.

Lee-Ann Bradt

LeeAnn White BradtFosterer / Volunteer

I first connected with CK Rescue after spending many months looking at the numerous groups on Facebook that revolved around dogs and rescues. I just loved reading their stories and the beautiful testimonies accompanied with pictures or videos of precious animals. Having just retired and spending two years trying to figure out just what I was going to do I started contemplating perhaps becoming a foster.

CK rescue was by far the most outstanding group, a community all of its own. I filled out an application and my journey and wonderful adventure began. Since then I have been blessed with wonderful young pups that has enriched my life and my family of dogs. I have been with this wonderful group for a year now.

Starting with a pup that I was caring for, he ended up being surrendered to CK rescue, and I became a foster- failure as I adopted him! Watching ( I call it the wagon train of pups) come from the south on their long trek across country to Canada is another experience and exciting to see your foster through his/ her journey through photos posted on FB.

The dogs I foster do not last long as within weeks they have applications for forever homes. The incredible experience takes you to the pending adoptees home with your pup to ensure that it is a suitable forever home and family. As my close friends and family know me only too well, they see how much I bond with ever one of the pups, but it is truly another kind of joy to know that they will be treasured and cared for in a new family  (in the majority of cases) I have not met an unloving pup, they each have their own precarious past life, and I feel so happy that I am able to be that soft place and spoil them with an abundance of love in this transitional time of in their precious lives. The organizers and committee of people in this program have proved to be so unbelievably devoted… I marvel at their time, energy, devotion, dedication, and love that they pour into this rescue. Starting with Nancy Ball the founder, the ladies I have met have been a joy to get to know and rely on for any issues that may unfold. And as I only participate in the foster part, they have socials, fund raising and so many more activities to get involved in.

” Becoming a foster with CK Rescue has enriched my life and that of my furry family of dogs. It has fulfilled my love and joy of being able to smother these precious pups, while being introduced to different breeds of dogs, and providing them with a comfortable home through this transitional time in their lives”

Marilyn Orr

Marilyn OrrFosterer