Baby & Bandit were found as tiny kittens in a barn. The finder brought them to our rescue where they were loved and cared for by their foster family. These two cuties met their new family recently and they have it made in the shade! Excited kids, lots of windows to watch the birds and people jumping in the pool and a brand new really high cat tree! We are so happy for Baby and Bandit and wish them many years of love. Thanks to their adopter for sending updated pics to include in their adoption announcement.

Gemmy is a newcomer to our rescue and found his forever home quickly! He is a big boy and loves to be the centre of attention. He greets visitors who stop at his new home and his family tell us some visitors stop in just to say hi to Gemmy! He is a very handsome boy and we are so happy his found his forever home so quickly. And look forward to many updates!