Ginger came to our rescue several months ago from a kill shelter in Quebec. This girl is bouncey, happy, feeling right at home with her foster family. We have another aweome foster failure with a lot of happy faces and happy dogs! Ginger goes on some cool adventures with her little four legged buddy Leo (also adopted from our rescue several years ago). We are very happy for this sweetheart and wish her many years of love and adventures!

Watson was a new guy who came to our foster program before the pandemic and has been hanging out with his foster mom. This guy is so high energy, he keeps his foster mom on her toes! All this energy and time created one really amazing thing – a love connection! Watson isn’t going anywhere, he was already home. He sure makes his mom happy and we are thrilled for both of them! Have a great life Watson, we look forward to the updates!

Tucker is one handsome guy who captures hearts wherever he goes! He came to our rescue before the pandemic and has been having a ball at the dog park and taking it easy until his forever family found him. The love connection happened and Tucker is one happy guy and so is his new family! Lots of walks, dog park, trails are all in this sweetheart’s future. We wish Tucker the best life possible!

Sweet Sandra found herself in a kill shelter in Quebec. We welcomed her to our rescue before the pandemic. She has spent the past few months having a ball with her foster family and before you knew it, there was a big love connection! Her foster family fell in love with Sandra and wanted to be her forever family! Sandra is a lucky girl and we are very happy for her! She was recently spayed and had a large mass and two smaller ones remove and came through surgery with flying colours! Sandra and her new family are doing great!

Nya came to our rescue’s foster program several months ago after her owner could no longer keep her due to health issues. Nya was very interested in checking out her new home. She is a sweetheart with a mind of her own. She is very good at giving permission to give a quick pet, then taking off to explore another corner of the house. We are all really happy for Nya and wish her a long, healthy and happy life!

This ltitle guy, Puppy, found himself in a kill shelter in Quebec. We don’t know anything about his former life, he has his insecurities and his foster family have worked very hard to help him learn to trust. Puppy is fortunate to have such a great foster family because they wanted to make him an official member of the family! Congrats Puppy and we wish you the best life ever, you have a wonderful family to show you how to enjoy life now!

Tou Tou, aka Tootie, has had many changes in his life and we are happy to announce his adoption. He is a special little guy with a mind of his own. He loves it when you talk to him and fuss for a few minutes. This little guy really enjoys his walks and that’s what his new mom has planned for him every day, as many as his little heart desires. Tootie has a wonderful family who adore and love him unconditionally. We are already getting updates and love hearing how happy he is and the adventures he is taking!

Pretty little Penny was welcomed into her new home with open arms! She is the sweetest little girl who loves to get belly rubs and chase squirrels. She came to us a few months ago and has been a wonderful guest while we waited for her perfect family to find her. Penny will get many walks and her new mom said Penny is now the boss. 🙂 Wishing Penny many more happy years and we look forward to the updates!

Jack came to our foster program a few months ago right before the pandemic. He is a wonderful little guy with personality plus! He loves to play ball, that gets him so excited and now that he has a huge back yard to play ball, he will keep his new family very busy! Jack made himself right at home when he met his new family and sister. His sister Zoey was also from our rescue. She recently lost her brother and was hoping her family would bring her a friend. Jack is a perfect fit to help Zoey through her grief. We love love connections! And look forward to future updates on this great adoption.

Max is a cute little guy who recently came to our rescue’s foster program. A nice lady took him in from a situation that was not so great for him and contacted us. Max is a heart breaker! This boy has confidence oozing through his little body, he is one cool dude! Max fit right in with his foster family and has a big brother and older sister to teach him a few puppy manners. Have a great life Max you deservie it! We look forward to updates!