Petrolia, a twenty pound JRT came into our care two years ago as a former breeding dog, discarded in a farmer field and left to fend for herself. Covered in sores and blood and after a traumatic existence prior to her rescue her spirit was broken. Untrained, unloved she would stand a stare at the walls, didn’t know what a toy was for, and I was told she was deaf as she responded to nothing. I had to instill positive reinforcement with Petrolia, and started out by climbing in her doggie bad a few times a day, just to hold her and talk to her. I also researched American Sign Language and started signing to her, and of course a very long training process. One day while watching TV I accidently turned the volume up, and her head whipped up and she looked at the TV. I started to experiment with different sounds and was thrilled to learn she wasn’t totally deaf, but indeed was hard of hearing.
Petrolia also came to me with uncontrollable scratching to the point of bleeding and hair loss. After six months of trying to find a medication that would control her “Environmental Allergies” it was also discovered she is completely blind in her right eye, and limited vision in her left.
Progress has been slow, but now there is a bounce in her step, she answers me when I very loudly call her name, and she loves her toy ball.
She must take her allergy pills every day, and unfortunately one day will go completely blind, but in the meantime she is enjoying her new life, and loves to play with her foster sisters and brothers. I’m so very proud of her, amazing what a little love can do.

Jake is a 5 pound long haired Chihuahua.He came to us from Windsor Ont. in Aug 2015.His lady owner was dying of cancer and wanted a home for him before she passed which was soon after we took him in with us.Unfortunately he came to us in pretty miserable shape.We took him to the vet where they pulled over half his teeth out.He has arthritis in his hind end for which he has pills. We gratefully welcome donations to help toward Jake’s care.

This is our wonderful dog Orson. He is a southern gentleman brought up to Canada a few years ago where joined our foster program. He was adopted and enjoyed his new life in a loving home but as he aged he developed diabetes and cataracts. The cost of the prescription diet, syringes and insulin proved to be too much for his new family and he was brought back into our foster program as a permanent foster. He spends most of his days sleeping along with a romp around the back yard and an occasional walk. His face may be frosted but his heart is young and vibrant and when he comes and gives you a smelly lickky kiss you know he is grateful. Orson is 9+ plus years old; a loving, sedate, happy older guy who is spending his retirement years with two younger whippersnapper mini doxies and a foster who loves him and is more than happy letting him be just who he wants to be. If you would like to help defray the expense of Orson’s care please donate. Thank you.

Snow is an almost four year old Great Pyranees mix who came from a small shelter in Missouri. She has medical problems which include; a spinal cord injury, arthritis in her rear knees and a problem with her right hip. She is on medication for her pain and does go for acupuncture when she needs it.

Snow is a smart sassy girl who does not let her disability stop her from loving life.