Murphy has left his former life as a breeder and living outside by the curb! He has come a long way since those very sad and lonely days. This gentle little soul has personality plus! He warmed the hearts of his new family and made himself right at home! Murphy met his new four legged sister and the became fast friends. This is the life Murphy deserves, thanks to everyone who helped him get his second chance!

Sweet little Lizzie came from a hoarding situation where she also gave birth many times. Thankfully the owner was ready to surrender her to one of our volunteers and we took care of her to ensure she never had to worry about being a mom again. She loves her senior buddy Shadow, those two have a special friendship. Lizzie is a wonderful, innocent little soul who deserves the life she is going to have now….filled with love and feeling safe. Thanks to everyone who helped Lizzie get her second chance!

Tiny Coco came to our foster program a few weeks ago as a scared, timid little girl. Thanks to the time she spent with her foster family, they helped her to gain confidence to give her a chance to find her own forever home! Coco met her new family and felt right at home – checked out her beautiful new back yard, met her new fur friends. We are very happy for Coco that she is getting the life she deserves! Thanks to everyone who helped her get her second chance!

A few weeks ago Thunder came to our foster program, he needed to find a new home. He was very scared at that time and thanks to his foster family, he gained much more confidence. He met his new family and has a four legged very happy big sister! When these two met, they got right down to business of running in circles in the yard. Take a rest, then back to running and running. Instant best friends! Thanks to everyone who helped Thunder get his Second chance!

Nikky is one of our special little seniors who found herself homeless. She recently came to our foster program and recently met her new family who were eagerly waiting to meet her! Nikky is a wonderful little girl, she loves to be loved and her new family cherish her already. Thanks to everyone who helped Nikky get her second chance, she deserves it!

Loki recently came to our foster program. He was born to a mom and dad who were both dropped off in the country where a nice family took them in to take care of them. Sadly he was getting no interest from adopters in the area and was moved to our rescue. He is a little timid and unsure as his previous life involved living outside, he had no concept of living in a home. Our foster family helped him gain the confidence to ensure he was comfortable meeting his new family. Loki was showered with so much affection, he was in his glory! He found a comfy spot on the carpet and stayed there and let all the people come to him. We are all thrilled for Loki, this is the love connection that makes our hearts skip a beat! Thanks to everyone who helped Loki get his Happy Ending!