Little TiGars found himself adopted from a shelter, and surrendered to another shelter 4 months later. He is one of the most loving, good natured little guys who deserves an amazing home — he got one! He made himself right at home and he is so happy getting all the cuddling he can handle and plenty of hugs and lots of lovin’! We wish TiGars all the best for a wonderful long life!

Kimo found himself in a kill shelter in Quebec, surrendered. We moved him to our rescue’s foster program where he flourished and went on so many adventures with his foster family. Because of his past, he had some insecurities and has worked very hard to trust. Kimo met his new family recently and has been enjoying several walks a day and settling into his new home! We are thrilled for him and wish him the best life!

Rocky came to our foster program in September when someone found him crying, such a wee little baby with his eyes closed. Thanks for an awesome foster family he was cared for and this little baby became healthy and grew into a handsome little man! His new mom was so excited to meet him, his little feet barely touched the floor 🙂 He has a wonderful new home and a life filled with lots of love ahead of him! Sharing a pic of him the first day he arrived. Thanks to everyone who helped little Rocky get a second chance!

Eight-year-old Alice found herself looking for a new home after her previous family brought her to the vet to be euthanized. CK Animal Rescue took this sweet girl in, and after eight months in foster care, Alice finally found her forever family. It was love at first sight when Alice met her new family and she is already warming up, rolling over for belly rubs and giving headbutts. Alice hit the jackpot and is going to be a very spoiled girl for the rest of her days!

Bandit came to our rescue’s foster program several weeks ago when we learned his owner was going to open the door and let him run free. He was no longer welcome in his former home. As soon as we heard about this, Bandit was welcome to come to us asap. He is such a sweet soul, a real little gentleman. Sadly he suffered from untreated ear infections for several years and it affected his hearing. His other senses took over to make up for the hearing loss. Bandit was looking for a walking buddy and so was his new dad! They gave it a test run and with a little patience to show Bandit he had a new routine in his new home, he quickly learned he loved his new forever home! We wish Bandit many days of hugs and walks and cuddles!

Riley came to our rescue when his former owner moved to an apartment and he was not adjusting well to all the new sounds. He is a great little guy with so much personality! Riley met his new family and was so happy to get a new BFF! He has a big yard to run and play and he is fascinated with birds. 🙂 Thanks to everyone who helped Riley get his second chance!

Gabby came to CK Animal Rescue after her previous family brought her to the vet to be euthanized. She is a nervous cat by nature and was looking for a quiet home that would be patient with her while she gained confidence. The perfect family came across her profile and knew they could give Gabby the loving home she deserves. Although Gabby is still nervous in her new home, she is already coming out of her shell and her new family is happy to give her all the time she needs. We couldn’t be happier for this sweet girl!

Eddie is one of the coolest little guys you could ever meet! He found himself at a kill shelter and we were asked if we had room for one more. He has the most charming little personality, laid back, gets along with everybody. He just wants to be your buddy. Eddie met his family today, he strolled in like he won the lotto and his new family felt the same way! 🙂 Eddie has a new wardrobe and has many, many daily walks coming his way along with lots of hugs and lovin’! Eddie got his Second Chance and we are thrilled for him!

Charley found himself in a kill shelter and he was on his final day. Thanks to a foster saying yes we had Charley pulled to safety. He came from a situation where he was protecting a family member and was kicked and abused causing him to bite. This boy just wants to be loved and cherished. He was a wonderful personality. He met his new family and it was a love connection. Charley no longer has to worry about being safe, he hit the jackpot! Thanks to everyone who made Charley’s dream come true!

Ruby has been adopted twice before and both times returned. She can be stubborn and temperamental sometimes but she is a lovebug when you let her have her own way. Food, walks and having an older man are her 3 top priorities in life! Ruby is settling into her new home with her new BFF who also loves to walk too. She is so happy to see the leash and her new dad saved a little steak to show she will be the queen of the house! We wish Ruby a long lifetime of walks and love!