Dancer was found in a box in a dumpster. We are fortunate to know some great rescue friends who saved her and asked if she could come to our rescue…no hesitation! Dancer is a charming little lady, cute as a button and loves to explore! Her new family were very excited to meet her, Dancer felt right at home. Her little tail was wagging steady until she tried on her new hoodie dress, she wasn’t sure what that hoodie was doing on her head, but she adjusted quickly! Thanks to everybody who helped Dancer get her Second chance!

Buddy is another adorable little guy who found himself homeless. He found himself in a shelter and needing a lot of care.He was moved to a foster home and met his new family who think he is one special little guy! Buddy has one blue eye and one brown eye, cute as a button! He has a beautiful home, loving family who have plans to give him the best life possible! And he will need to take a few swimming lessons to keep cool on hot summer days in the pool. Thanks to everybody who helped Buddy get his Second Chance!

Luke found himself without a home and a family a few weeks ago and ended up in a high kill shelter. Thanks to rescue friends, he was pulled and placed into a loving home until arrangements could be made for him to move to our rescue. He entered our foster program recently and quickly found his new forever home! Luke is one charming little guy who knows how to capture hearts wherever he goes! We are all very happy for this little sweetheart. Thanks to everyone who helped Luke get his second chance!

These two little seniors made themselves right at home for the past few months at their foster home and decided that is where they wanted to stay! They gave it a try elsewhere but came back to their home where they are staying forever. They have a lifetime of love and cuddles coming every single day! Thanks to everyone who made this Happy Ending a reality!

Sammy is one big lovable hunk ‘o dog! He was a former breeder dog who was attacked by another dog which left him with a serious injury on his leg. He has done very well and just loves his new family and foster sister. He is playful, gentle, loves his toys! Sammy has gained some weight, his leg has healed and he has a wonderful life ahead of him! Thanks to everyone who helped Sammy get his Second chance!

Chewbacka (aka Chewy) came to our foster program a short time ago. He is one adorable little puppy! Chewy is full of life and lots of puppy energy, loves to run, play with his squeaky toys and kids make him happy! He met his new family and had a great time! He has a beautiful yard to call his own and two energetic girls who will keep him on top of his game! Who needs tv when you have a happy home with kids and a cute little dog! Thanks to everyone who helped Chewy get his second chance!

Our big boy Baxter entered our foster program several weeks ago. He lost his home and was looking for his forever home. Baxter loves people and met his new family recently. He has his own dog walker, gets to walk on many beautiful trails and is now a social butterfly! Baxter has met his new neighbours and gave the paws up on them becoming his new friends! Thanks to everyone who gave Baxter his second chance!

Scruffie is one little charmer! We can’t imagine why the family of his late owner wouldn’t want to keep this little guy. Sadly, he ended up in a high kill shelter. Because he is older and has some sight lose, his chances of being adopted were nill. Our rescue loves to help the ones who need it most and Scruffie came to our foster program recently. He met his new family who were so excited to meet him, it was a love connection for everybody! Thanks to everyone who helped Scruffie get his second chance!

Cookie is a confident, happy little girl who became the best friend to her adopters. She is a sweet little bundle of love who was looking for a new home a few weeks ago. Cookie brings sunshine wherever she goes! Thanks to everyone who helped her get her Happy ending!

We love it when our seniors are adopted! Chloe is one of our sweet little seniors who came into our foster program recently after needing to be rehomed due to illness with her former owner. She is a tiny 22 lb princess, her picture was seen by her new family who drove several hours to meet her. They all took a little stroll after meeting and she felt right at home with her new dad. Chloe has a fondness for older men 🙂 This was a great match and we look forward to hearing updates! Thanks to everyone who helped Chloe get her Second Chance!