Tucker came to our rescue a few years ago and was adopted and recently returned due to a change in the family. This boy is so handsome, and has the best manners according to his foster mom, we were hopeful someone would also see the same great qualities. His new family saw him and said he is our boy and very unique, no other like him. They were right! Tucker made himself right at home and was enjoying all the attention and lovin’. We are thrilled for this sweet guy and thank everyone who helped him get his happy ending!

Kevin was a tiny little baby that some kind ladies found in a park scrounging for food. They were worried about his safety and thankfully we had an experienced foster home who could take him in and give him lots of love and care. Kevin met his new family and he settled in right away, has a cute little girlfriend to hang out with too. Thanks to everyone who helped Kevin get his second chance!

Fritz is a very handsome senior who came to our foster program a few months ago. He was waiting for a loving home to spend the other half of his life with and he found it! Fritz won’t be lonely, he has a big family to love him! We are thrilled for Fritz and thank the adopters for giving a senior their very special second chance!

Handsome William found himself alone and was taken in by a rescue friend who tried to find his family for several weeks. No one was looking for this sweet guy. He moved to our foster program recently where he melted hearts everywhere! He is such a fun loving little fellow who caught the eye of his new family! William has a couple four legged friends who were very excited to meet him too! We love love connections that make your heart skip a lot of beats! Thanks to everyone who helped William get his second chance!

Finley came to our rescue’s foster program a few weeks ago with his sister and his mom. They were kept in a garage and their owner was desperate for help to save them from an abusive situation. He is a very sweet guy, loves affection and did great when meeting his new family. Finley is going to have an amazing new life and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks to everyone who helped Finley get his Happy Ending!

Brewer is a happy go lucky big puppy boy who found himself without a home. He loves life, loves to play and has been patiently waiting for his own love connection to come along. Brewer finally got his wish! He has a new brother who loves to run and play as much as he does. These boys had an instant friendship! We wish Brewer a long happy life in his new home! Thanks to everyone who helped Brewer get his second chance!

This handsome little guy found himself in a kill shelter and no one coming for him. We welcomed him into our foster program a short time ago. His new family saw his picture posted and put their app in right away. Sven made himself right at home, took a real shine to his new dad and gave his new family and doxie older sister a paw’s up of approval! Sven has a wonderful life ahead of him with many amazing adventures! Thanks to everyone who helped Sven get his Second Chance!

Sweet little Fudge lost her owner and was given to a rescue friend who asked if we could help her find her new forever home. She had fur loss from lack of prevention from fleas….this beauty has come a long way and is so happy and carefree. Her new family fell in love with her, Fudge has the rest of her life where she will be pampered and get so many hugs and cuddles. Just what she needed! Thanks to everyone who helped Fudge get her second chance!

This little duo found themselves in a kill shelter and no one came for them. We welcomed them into our foster program and these little girls melt your heart quickly! We believe Chloe is mom and Libby is her daughter, they are so loving and sweet as can be. These little girls met their new family and it was a wonderful love connection! Their dream came true and we all very excited for them and their new life. Thanks to everyone who helped them get their Happy Ending!

This adorable little couple were removed from a backyard breeder who kept them living outside with a barrel for shelter. A friend in rescue entrusted their future with us and we promised to help Alfie and Daisy find a loving family who will cherish them for the rest of their lives. These two little babies met their new family and they felt so much at home right away! Both have a lot of love being given every day now, they have put their past in the past and excited about their new futures! Thanks to everyone who helped them find their Happy Ending!