Dolly and her sister came to our foster program after we were told they were surrendered by their former owners to be euthanized. Thankfully the vet felt they still had a few years left to be happy and reached out to a rescue friend who contacted us. Dolly is a little doll and sweet as can be! This girl is lovin’ life as she should be! Thanks to everyone who helped Dolly get her Second chance!

Simone came to our rescue after being born in a barn. The people who care for their barn cats felt that she was meant to be a house cat. These responsible people had her spayed and vaccinated and contacted our rescue to help find her a happy, safe home! That is just what happened for her today! Simone will live her years indoors and spoiled and adored! Congratulations to Simone and her adopter.

Tina was living on the streets when a concerned citizen contacted us. We brought her into our rescue program and we are excited to announce her adoption! Tina will live her years being spoiled and warm! Congrats to Tina and her adopter!

Little Kali came from a high kill shelter in Quebec, she was surrendered by her former family. With that adorable little face, we knew we had to try to help her and she made the long trip to come to our rescue a few weeks ago. Her foster family fell in love with this little girl and promised to give her a very happy life filled with lots of love! She has already learned to touch the bell on the door to go out – little smarty! Thanks to everyone who helped Kali get her second chance!

Sweet little Hanesby found herself in a high kill shelter and no one was coming to get her. Thanks to rescue friends, she was pulled and safely kept in a foster home until she could move to our rescue. She is a little heartbreaker! When she met her new family, she was smitten by the youngest member of the family and couldn’t give him enough kisses. We feel it’s safe to say this love connection will continue for a long time! Thanks to everyone who helped Hanesby get her Second Chance!

This little senior found herself surrendered to a high kill shelter in Quebec without any hope of being adopted. When we saw her pretty face we knew she needed a second chance and we promised her she would get her Happy Ending. Chanel met her new family today, she walked right in, found the food dish, checked out the rest of her new home and then made herself comfortable. This sweet senior will be the centre of attention for her new family, we are anxious to get updates once she realizes she found her forever home! Thanks to everyone who made Chanel’s dream come true!

Little Dolly found herself looking for a new home where she would be loved and cherished. We were told she was removed from a puppy mill situation. She is a gentle soul who has learned to trust at such a young age. Dolly has a new sister who is eager to show her the ropes of wrapping her new mom and dad around her furry little paw! These girls are going to be best buds! Thanks to everyone to helped Dolly get her Happy Ending!

This handsome guy came to our rescue a few weeks ago after his family contacted us. Changes in employment forced them to be away for long periods of time and they wanted Maverick to have a home where he could get all the lovin’ and attention he deserved. There was no hesitation, look at that face! Maverick is a real gentleman and a big lovebug. His new family fell in love with him as soon as they saw his picture and have been anxiously waiting for his arrival to meet them… was one of those special moments! Welcome home Maverick! Thanks to everyone who helped this sweet boy get his Happy Ending!

For those of you who remember Chevy and his family coming into our rescue several weeks ago….the 3 puppies were all adopted and now their dad Chevy has a home to call his own now too! This big happy boy fell in love with his foster sisters and the family and felt right at home. The adoption was finalized today and he is part of one big happy family! Thanks to everyone who made Chevy’s dream come true to have his Second chance!