Choupette found herself in a kill shelter and came to our foster program a few months ago. This little girl is very fond of men and likes to hang out watching TV or going for walks. She met her new family and you can see Choupette is going to be a daddy’s girl! Update was she was snoring in the bed under the covers happy as a little bug in a rug! We wish this sweet girl all the best for a long, happy, loved life!

Loki is fun little guy who loves his own company. He met his new family recently and his new dad is a smart cookie, he made sure to load up his pockets with some tasty treats! Loki figured that out quick and they became fast BFFs. Thanks to everyone who helped Loki get his Happy Ending!

This little cutie captures hearts wherever he goes! He is small but mighty and leaves a big impression 🙂 Jasper met his new family recently, he fell in love with the cats right away. His big sister was very curious about this wiggle butt who walked into her home like he owned the place. These two have become big sister/little brother buddies. Jasper loves everyone in the family equally and has a big yard to run and help his big sister get moving a little move. We wish Jasper many years of love and happiness with his forever family!

Willy came to our foster program several months ago, he is such a sweetheart and so loving. He is a good boy who was patiently waiting for the right forever home who would love him unconditionally. Willy’s eyesight is very poor but he doesn’t let that stop him from enjoying life and exploring. His forever family found him and welcomed him into their family. Thanks to everyone who helped Willy get his Happy Ending!

Mitsu is such a gentle little girl who found herself in a kill shelter in Quebec. She was welcomed to our foster program with open arms. Her foster family fell in love with this little princess and she is living the good life! Not a care in the world and has lots of love and cuddles with her new family. Have an awesome life Mitsu!

Leila is a young girl who was surrendered to a shelter. She sometimes feels her job is to protect her family and she found herself homeless. We welcomed her into our rescue and she has been patiently waiting for the right home to come along. Leila has an awesome new dad who loves to walk and so does Leila! They take frequent walks along the river in the Windsor area to see the sights. We are so happy Leila found her love connection! We wish her a wonderful, long and happy life!

Brenda is one of 4 kittens who were born to a mom who was dropped off in the country. A kind couple took the babies in and helped show them that life indoors was a good thing. Brenda met her new family and has a big brother Ollie. These two kitties have become best buddies in just a few days! Ollie is showing Brenda all the tricks he has up his paw, i.e. checking out the toilet and chasing each other in the wee hours of the morning. Her new family adore her and did from the moment she strolled out of the crate and went exploring through the house. Thanks to everyone who helped Brenda get her Happy Ending!

Toby is one of the sweetest big boys! He came to our foster program several weeks ago when his family were moving and not able to take him. This guy is so well behaved and handsome as can be! He met his new family and felt right at home. Toby has a new BFF to spent his time with which makes him a happy camper! He loves his new family and we are all very happy for him! Thanks to everyone who helped Toby get his second chance!

These two were little kittens when they first came to our foster program. Their mom had been abandoned and a kind person took her in where she had two litters. Thanks to having foster families, we were able to help them all. Sable and Arian have grown into two of the most adorable kitties! We are thrilled they got their happy ending from living in a garage. Thanks to everyone who gave them their miracle!

Jinx is one of the coolest little dudes and perfect in every way! He was recently returned after being adopted for several months. He felt right at home in his foster home. Jinx is having a ball with his new furbuddies and kitties who all welcomed him into their home. Well this turned out to be one of the best failures anyone can have – Jinx was a foster failure! His new family adore him and can’t imagine life without him! Thanks to everyone who helped Jinx get his Happy Ending!