Bentley and Max because best buddies at their foster home. And because each of them were happy having a four legged buddy to run and play with, they found a new mom who was looking for two cuties and chose both of them. Max is a timid guy and relies on his BFF Bentley to let him know when things are ok and safe. These two guys have been settling in and enjoying all the special time they are getting with their new mom. Thanks to everyone who helped these two get their second chance!

Chi Chi has been patiently waiting for her forever home to find her. She lost her home nearly two years ago when her owner passed away. She is a little lady with a mind of her own. Chi Chi explored every corner of her new yard and inside her new home. She met her new mom and her older four legged sister, everything was wonderful as we had hoped! Thanks to everyone who helped Chi Chi get her second chance.

Tibbs is a wondeful, gentle little fellow who sadly has been losing his sight. That hasn’t stopped him from enjoying life to the fullest and exploring every chance he gets. Tibgs met new new family today and it was love at first sight, this little guy will be the baby in the house and get all that love and attention! Thanks to everyone who helped Tibbs get his second chance!