Sweet little Sugar no longer has to wonder where to lay her head at night. She met her new family today and has a cute little sister who was so excited to meet her! Her sister ran in circles with anticipation of having a new playmate! We are all very happy for Sugar, this is the life she deserves. Thanks to everyone who helped Sugar get her second chance at love!

Daisy met her new family today. She had a bit of a rough start in her former life and we hope we have helped this little angel on to a much better life! She was a little shy but her new family persuaded her to relax with a few treats and soon she was good to go! She loved taking a little walk to break in her family to her trotting style and they kept up very well! Daisy may join her new mom at her job some days and what a lucky girl she is! Her mom works at a pet store! Thanks to everyone who helped Daisy get her second chance at love!

Ginger is a shy little girl, her former life was not so pleasant. Being a former breeder, she never knew that one day she would be a pampered princess. She met her new family today and gave the paw of approval! Ginger is looking forward to a wonderful life filled with love, walks and a safe home where she will never feel unwanted again. Thanks to everyone who helped Ginger get her second chance!

Boo Boo, his brother and their mom came from a not so great situation and were placed into our foster program. These little guys were very timid and not very trusting. Thanks to some amazing foster families, they came out of their shell. Boo Boo loves to run and play! His new furry brother, Dingo, is one of our adoptees from approx 4 years ago. He was quite excited after the initial introduction to see he had a playmate! The Indy500 track couldnt’ keep up with these two once they got in sync with each other! Thanks to everybody who helped Boo Boo get his second chance at happiness!

Pascal is a sassy little baby who is so adorable! This little guy is so confident and cute as a button. He met his new family today and has 3 little furbaby buddies to play with all day long! He has a very loving family and all the great things a puppy dreams of! And he had a celebration cake waiting for him too! Thanks to everyone who made this Happy Ending so amazing!

We are very happy to announce the adoption of these two beautiful girls! Often big dogs and black dogs are forgotten and left behind. These two girls lost their siblings due to parvo, they survived thanks to the love of their first foster mom before they were moved to our rescue. Lucy and Ethel are gentle, loving souls who deserve this second chance. Thanks to everyone who helped with this special adoption!

Lucy found herself in a high kill shelter. Because she is a big dog and black in colour, she was falling through the cracks to be saved. Thanks to some rescue friends close to this shelter, they contacted us to see if we could help. Lucy arrived a short time later and has been patiently waiting for the right family to find her…and it happened! It was love at first sight! Thanks to everyone who helped Lucy get her Second chance

Speedy is another little guy who found himself homeless! We can’t understand who would not be looking for this adorable little guy. He was very shy and nervous when he first arrived, he has done very well over the past few weeks to finally feel safe and comfortable. Speedy made his new home official today and he is quite happy about that! Thanks to everyone who made this Happy Ending a reality for Speedy!

Max saved his own life, he is one smart boy! He came to our rescue several months ago. He found himself in a high kill shelter and was on the table to be euthanized. When the shelter worker mentioned “paw”, he stuck out his paw and the employee didn’t have the heart to go through with it. She contacted a rescue friend who contacted us and the rest is history! Max was heartworm positive at the time and often dogs who are positive don’t make it out. We are not afraid to give these dogs a second chance at being healthy – and good news to report, Max is now heartworm NEGATIVE after a year of being on meds! Thanks to everyone who helped Max get his second chance. This is one of those special adoptions!

Lil Bit found herself needing a new home recently and came into our foster program. She sure is adorable and sweet as can be! She is so curious about everything and ready to explore. Lil Bit met her new family who have a former adoptee who has now become her big brother! Thanks to everyone who helped Lil Bit get the life she deserves!