Tou Tou, aka Tootie, has had many changes in his life and we are happy to announce his adoption. He is a special little guy with a mind of his own. He loves it when you talk to him and fuss for a few minutes. This little guy really enjoys his walks and that’s what his new mom has planned for him every day, as many as his little heart desires. Tootie has a wonderful family who adore and love him unconditionally. We are already getting updates and love hearing how happy he is and the adventures he is taking!

Congratulations to all our winners for our Gift Card Raffle! Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket in support of our rescue, we appreciate all of YOU!

Here are the winners of the Gift Cards –

$750 LCBO Card – Dean Outhouse

$500 Beer Store Card – Liz & Keith Bruce

$400 Superstore Card – Louann Stirling

$300 Petro Canada Card – Anna Hillman

$20 Tim Horton Card Winners –

Barb Cowell
Cindy Bradt
Linda Turner
Cindy Foster
Jess Fox
Connie Mailloux
Heather Bedell
Chris Hulett
Darlene Laidlaw
Beth Brunett

All winners have been called! If you were one of our winners and didn’t take the call, please check your messages! Thank you again!

Stella is one very bubbly, playful, happy little girl! She recently found her new family who were very excited to meet her and welcome her into their family. She bounced her way into their hearts and this little girl has some very happy boys who are ready to treat her like a princess and give her everything she wants! Thanks to everyone who helped Stella find her forever home, she deserved this special day! We are all very happy for her and her new family.

Harper has been welcomed into her new home today and we are all very excited for her! She’s happy, bouncey, ready to run and play with her new dad. Her energy matches his active lifestyle, a perfect match! Thanks to everyone involved with Harper’s Happy Ending, this is a beautiful beginning to a great life!