This adorable little baby didn’t have the greatest start in her very young life but it’s all up from here! Zoey recently came to our foster program and everyone who met her fell in love with her. She is a little angel, so loving and sweet as can be. She bears scars from previous abuse and we are happy to announce her adoption with a family who adores her! Thanks to everyone who helped Zoey get her second chance!

Sweet Maddy originally came from a hoarding situation and adopted a few times through another organization. We offered our services when we saw her needing to be rehomed again. She is very timid and unsure of where she is going, this little girl needed lots of patience and still does to help her gain confidence and feel loved. Maddy met her new family and has two little furbaby friends who are teaching her the ropes in her new home. Thanks to everyone who helped Maddy get her Happy Ending!

Sadly Gracey lost her former owner and found herself looking for a new family to love her. She is one unique little girl who is independent and cute as a button! Gracey met her new family and she made herself right at home. She especially loves the hot tub and we are told she took a little swim with her new mom and dad. Thanks to everyone who helped Gracey get her Happy Ending!

This adorable little love bug met his new family today and he was sucking up all the fuss! Due to poor health, Jumpin’ Jack’s former owners wanted him find a new home where he would be loved and cherished as much as they adored him. This little guy definitely knows what he likes and what he wants to do. It was a love connection! Thanks to everyone who helped Jumpin’ Jack get his second chance!

Louie walked into his new home and relaxed as though he has always lived there! He found himself looking for a new home a few weeks ago. His new family were so excited to meet him, his little feet barely touched the ground. Louie has the rest of his life filled with so much love and plenty of hugs! We are very happy for this sweet little guy. Thanks to everyone who helped Louie get his second chance!

This funny little face finally found his own love connection! It took awhile because he has a couple quirks that takes just the right family to understand his needs. He felt right at home when he met everybody and investigated his new bed. Logan was surrendered with his dad when his former owner was no longer able to care for them. He was timid and unsure when he first came to our foster program. Now he feels more confident and his favourite thing is to play fetch! Thanks to everyone who helped Logan get his second chance!

Dexter is a little firecracker! And he is sweet as can be! He is a tiny little guy who is so curious! His fast little legs took him into every nook and cranny of his new home including his huge yard. He ran from corner to corner and gave it his paw of approval. Dexter loved snuggling on his new mom’s lap once he tired himself out. He wasn’t too interested in the kitty, hoping they become best buddies. Thanks to everyone who helped Dexter get his second chance!

Max and Ruby have had so many changes the past several months from losing their first adopter and giving it a try with a couple other families that sadly didn’t work out. They both think this last home is the one they have been waiting for…….beautiful home, swimming pool, many daily walks and a whole lot of love! They were greeted with open arms and both dogs walked in as if they had always lived there. Max and Ruby are social butterflies, they love the attention and we know they will look forward to their new lives! Thanks to everyone who helped them get this chance!