Patrick came to us on St. Patty’s day at only 8 weeks old. He was a tiny baby who is full of life and all he wants to do is play, play, play! He wanted a feline friend to be his buddy and he has a new girlfriend who is starting to really enjoy this little bundle of energy! We look forward to many updates on Patrick and wish him a life full of bouncing balls and catnip!

Hershey came to our foster program several weeks ago. He is a very friendly fluffy guy who was waiting for his forever family. That dream came true for Hershey, he will have lots of nature and wildlife to watch through many windows in his home. We wish Hershey many years of happiness and look forward to updates!

Daisy came to our foster program earlier this year when her owner could no longer care for her. She went to live with her foster mom and figured out quickly that she loved her new home! Daisy made herself comfy and wrapped her foster mom’s heart around her little paw and that was it! Daisy is never leaving and has a wonderful life ahead of her. We look forward to Daisy updates!

Beautiful Lola came to our foster program several weeks ago. She is a gorgeous girl who met her new family recently. She is unsure at first but she has other feline friends just waiting for her to relax and realize she is in a very loving home. Lola will have everything her little heart desires and we are so happy for her finding her forever home!

Jelly came from a neglectful situation and was never taken outside. He came to our foster program a few months ago. He was extremely shy and would hide, his first foster home helped him so much to get more comfortable. Due to first foster having to move, he was moved to a second foster home recently where everyone fell in love with this little sweetheart. Jelly is loved and will have a very spoiled life! His new home is so dog friendly, it’s all about dogs! We are so happy for little Jelly and look forward to watching him progress even further past his shyness. Life your best life Jelly!

Sugar was found outside all alone as a tiny baby. We were contacted by a caring individual and she was placed into a foster home. This little baby has grown into a beautiful girl who has such a fun personality. Sugar met her new family and this girl has a lot of love coming her way for the rest of her life! She was loved before they met her. We are so thrilled for her and look forward to many updates.

Rico is such a little gentleman. He was adopted a few years ago and returned due to health issues with the former adopters. This little guy settled in with his foster family patiently waiting for his new family to find him. And his wish came true! Rico was so relaxed and comfortable with his new family. He made himself right at home! He is going to be loved and cherished for the rest of his life and we are so excited for him. Already getting happy updates, yea!

Miller was adopted through our rescue a few years ago. Sadly his owner passed away and he was placed back into foster care. It didn’t take long for him to wrap his foster family around his little white paw and show them what a sweetheart he is – they wanted to welcome him as a family member! Miller made himself right at home and that was it! Welcome home Miller!

Hazel is one of 5 siblings who came to our foster program several weeks ago. This girl has personality plus! She figured out quickly how to wrap humans around her pretty little paw! Hazel recently met her new family who are spoiling her already! We are so happy for Hazel!

Bear was a tiny little baby when he came to our foster program. He was found by a kind lady who took very good care of him and contacted us to see if we had a spot for him. Thanks to his foster family Bear was welcomed! His foster family fell in love with this little cutie and he now has his forever home!