Entries by Lily C

Charlie – Adopted – Sept 17/19

Little Charlie was found with her siblings by a family who took care of them and asked if we had space in our rescue to take them. Charlie’s foster family fell in love with this spunky little girl and wanted to make her one of the family. Charlie has one happy little boy ready to […]

Teddy and Oprah – Adopted – Sept 16/19

This brother and sister are the coolest kittens! They love attention and they made sure they put the charm on with their foster mom because she couldn’t resist them! Teddy and Oprah have their forever home and a new mom who loves them to pieces! We are so happy these two little kittens who were […]

Autumn – Adopted – Sept 15/19

Autumn is such a happy girl who has been patiently waiting for her special family to find her…and her wish came true! This little sweetheart checked out every corner of her new home and her new dad was having a ball playing with her in the backyard. She also has a big kitty to keep […]

Choupette – Adopted – Sept 13/19

This little princess was taken to a kill shelter, we have no idea why, she is the sweetest little soul and so smart! Choupette caught the eye of her new family and had her meet ‘n greet. She was so excited! She bounced around the back yard and ran into the house to check out […]

Buddy – Adopted – Sept 4/19

Buddy was surrendered to our rescue a few months ago. This handsome little guy has a mind of his own and his foster family fell in love and wanted to welcome him to their family. Buddy is a funny little guy who hates seeing other dogs having fun so he has been dubbed the “fun […]

Maggy – Adopted – Sept 2/19

Maggy is just a sweetheart who found herself in a kill shelter in Quebec. Her time was up and thanks to having a foster family who said yes to taking her, Maggy was pulled from the shelter and was on the road to her new life. Maggy is a young beautiful big girl who was […]

Lola – Adopted – Sept 1/19

Lola is a recent newcomer to our foster program. Her foster mom fell in love with this little lady and wanted to give her the gift of a loving home. Lola is a very sweet, happy little soul who loves life and we are so happy for her. Have a wonderful life Lola!

Finn – Adopted – Aug 30/19

Finn is a very recent newcomer to our foster program. His happy face was posted on our page when he came to us and someone saw him and submitted an application. Finn met his very happy four legged sister who has been dreaming of having a BFF in her home. These two were instant love […]

Mickey – Adopted – Aug 30/19

Mickey was surrendered to our rescue recently. He is one happy, friendly, playful little guy! He hasn’t met a dog or human he hasn’t loved. This little guy has some adventures ahead of him with his new family which includes camping. Thanks to everyone who helped Mickey get his second chance!

CJ – Adopted – Aug 27/19

CJ came to our foster program several weeks ago and was patiently waiting for his forever home. His new family fell in love with his face and were anxious to meet him. CJ has a big beautiful yard to run and play and a family who are home with him all day to tell him […]