Angel was very excited to meet her new family, she recently came into our foster program. She is a happy little girl who loves to run and play. Her new family are experienced with her breed and the energy these little dogs have. They look forward to giving her a very happy, long life filled with lots of love! Thanks to everyone who helped Angel get her Happy Ending!

Chompo found himself looking for a new family to adore him and came to our foster program a few weeks ago. He is a very playful, happy little guy who loves life. He met his family, wandered around and checked out his new home and gave his little paw of approval! Thanks to everyone who helped Chompo get his Happy Ending!

Oliver came to our foster program a few years ago and due to his former life of neglect, he was placed in our long term foster program. He arrived with a small senior girl – both had been confined in one room by their former elderly owners, both with dementia. These poor dogs were so unhealthy and in horrendous shape. Oliver has been loved by his foster mom since he arrived and he has come a long way. His foster mom adopted Oliver with the promise of him having a wonderful retirement home with her!

Little Jack is one of 4 siblings who were born outdoors and thanks to a very caring couple brought them inside and asked if our rescue could help them find great families. Jack is the third baby to find his forever family. The family’s cat wasn’t sure about a newcomer in their home but these two adjusted very quickly! Jack’s family sent an updated pic of the two of them sleeping side by side. Enjoy your Second chance Jack, we are so happy for you little guy!

Binou’s owner contacted our rescue a few weeks ago to ask for help. They were no longer able to care for him and entrusted Binou to us to help find him a new family. This guy is very sweet, he bonds very quickly, loves toys and is like an elk running in the yard – he is so fast! Binou met his new family today and they were ready to welcome him into their family. This boy had a basket of new toys ready for play! He checked out every inch of their home inside and out and he a happy boy! Thanks to everyone who helped Binou get his Happy Ending!

Betsy found herself without a home a few weeks ago. She was taken in by a nice family who hoped to help her find a new home and reached out to our rescue for help. Betsy came into our foster home and she did very well to overcome some of her very timid feelings thanks to her foster family. She has a new four legged friend to run and play with and that makes Betsy a very happy pooch! Her new mom has lots of love and cuddles for Betsy. We are very happy that she got her Happy Ending so soon!

Lucy was surrendered by her family to a shelter. Thanks to a big hearted rescue in her area, she was pulled to safety and traveled to our foster program recently. Miss Lucy is one of the biggest snuggle bugs you will ever meet! This little girl loves attention, her nose will nuzzle your hand for more lovin’. She met her new family today and this girl is in her glory! With so many comfy laps to choose from, she wasn’t in any hurry to do anything more than enjoy the attention. Thanks to everyone who helped Lucy get her Second Chance!

Daisy is an adorable little girl who was abandoned in an apartment and found in deplorable condition. She so very badly matted. Thanks to one of our rescue friends, she got her second chance by coming into our foster program once she was healthy enough to travel. Daisy is so relaxed and loves everybody, she loves to explore and doesn’t want to miss a thing! She met her new family and her new sister Annie who was very excited to meet her new sister. She was very vocal while her tail was busy wagging to welcome Daisy into the family. Thanks to everyone who helped Daisy get her happy ending!

This cute duo were returned to our rescue after being adopted a few years ago. There was change for the previous adopters and fortunately for this duo another family were anxiously waiting to welcome them into their hearts and home! Bonnie and Clyde are happy, friendly and full of life! They loved laying on the sofa next to their new dad and both explored their large yard and gave it their paws of approval! Thanks to everyone who helped Bonnie and Clyde get their second chance!