These two little babies became best friends quickly. Callie was found screaming at the local dump and Pepper was found a couple days earlier crying under a truck at a job site. We are grateful for the people who saved them. Our rescue played a small part in helping them find their forever home. Callie made herself right at home exploring everything while Pepper is the shy one of the two. He was feeling a little overwhelmed and decided to hide. He is coming out of hiding and learning his new home is a pretty cool place! These two will be loved and have the best life we hoped for them! We look forward to many updates over the years.

Paddy came to our foster program over a year ago. It took awhile for his forever family to see his handsome face and know he was the one for them. He made himself at home and was very chatty during his exploring. Paddy is such a wonderful little guy who will discover he is going to be the apple of his new family’s eye! He has so much love coming his way and we couldn’t be happier! Looking forward to updates!

Cheaty came to our foster program in 2020, she hid for a few weeks and is actually a master at finding hiding spots! She stayed temporarily in our office till we found a quiet spot for her where she has done so well! Her foster family fell in love with her and her chatty little ways and wanted to make her a permanent member of the family. We are thrilled for Cheaty, she is the sweetest girl once she gets past her shyness. Can’t wait for updates!

Marshall was found outside a vet clinic in Dresden a few months ago. We were contacted to see if we had an open spot and we welcomed this little cutie right away. Marshall met his new family and was so curious to check out all the new places to discover in his new home. He has a new little four legged friend who was very excited to meet him. Marshall made himself right at home and is going to have a very spoiled life! We are all really thrilled for him and look forward to many updates!

Pom Pom found himself in a kill shelter in Quebec. When we saw his sweet face we knew we wanted to help him get his second chance for a forever family.

He met his new family at a premeet and it was the cutest meet ever! Pom Pom has a little brother who looks just like him and another older little brother. His official meet ‘n greet sealed the deal. He found his amazing forever family!

Pom Pom will get everything his little heart desires in his new home plus having two little four legged friends is a bonus! He gets his walks every day and some car rides to top off the day. We are so happy for him, it took awhile to find his love connection but the wait was worth it!

Toby came to our foster program a few weeks ago and met his new family who were so excited to welcome him home! When he arrived, there was a beautiful welcome sign and toys, treats and lots of goodies to enjoy! Toby made himself right at home and has an awesome family who adore him already. He also has many windows to look out to watch wildlife and birds and everything a kitty could wish for! We look forward to hearing many updates!

Blaze and Tiger are two kittens who were surrendered to our foster program along with another pair of kittens. These two became very fond of their foster family who love them to pieces! They are sweet babies who get tons of love every single day! They weren’t going anywhere! We are so happy they found their forever family!

Maddy is a diva and she knows it! Sadly her and another cat were left behind when their former family moved. The property owner contacted us and thanks to having a great foster family, we were able to take both of the cats to help them find their forever homes. Maddy walked into her new home without a care or concern in the world. Her tail was flicking back and forth as she inspected every room and every corner 🙂 She gave it her paw of approval and has been training her new family since! Maddy is a sweet girl with a mind of her own and we are so happy for her!

Sandy found herself in a kill shelter in Quebec. Thankfully we were able to find a foster home for her and we had her pulled. This beautiful girl is the perfect guest and found some new four legged friends in her neighbourhood. She enjoys several walks a day and life is wonderful! Her foster dad wanted to keep her in the family and it was made official!

Sadie didn’t have a great start to her young life. A caring individual removed her from a bad situation and did her best to give her a better life but apartment living was not the best fit for Sadie. We were contacted to take her and we are happy we did. Sadie is a sweet girl, playful, loves to fun and chase squirrels. Sadie met her new family recently and after her initial sniffing every corner of the yard, she was very comfortable and loved her new family right away! We are excited to get updates on this beautiful girl, she deserved being loved unconditionally!