Our very popular guy George met his new family who were so anxious to meet him. He was a little nervous but being the celebrity he has become lately, he was making his way through his new home and checking out all the great things he can look forward to! He has a brother now who was feeling lonely and wanted a buddy. George is settling in and feeling the love! We look forward to updates on George!

Samantha, aka Sammie, came to our rescue’s foster program in 2017. She has been patiently waiting for her forever home. Sammie was adopted and her new family adore her already. We wish her a long, happy, healthy life in her new home!

Shy little Bunny found herself in a kill shelter in Quebec. We brought her to our foster program where her foster mom fell in love with her and wanted to keep her in her family. Bunny is a very sweet, timid little girl who is now getting all the lovin’ she wants. We wish her a happy life filled with many hugs and happy days!

Queenie is a little sweetheart who came to our foster program in 2019. She has a disability with her back legs being very weak but that doesn’t stop this little girl from flying across the floor or doing anything her little heart desires. She didn’t take long to wrap her foster family around her adorable little fluffy paws…foster failure! Best kind of failure because it’s a love like no other! We wish Queenie a wonderful life, we know she will get everything her little heart desires!

Pouchie found himself in a kill shelter in Quebec when we saw his little face. He came to our foster program several months ago. Pouchie is such a unique little guy, he knows what he likes and has no problem snubbing his cute little nose at something or someone if he is not happy. It took awhile to watch him choose his forever family and he did it! He was so excited as soon as he got out of his foster mom’s car, he rushed to the yard, sniffed his new sister and off they went! It was a love connection right from the start – lots of running, sniffing, playing. We are really thrilled for this little guy, it was such a joy for all of us to see how happy he was in his new home with his new family. We know Pouchie will have everyone wrapped around his little paws in no time and wish him an wonderful long, happy life!

Daisy’s mom came to our foster program when she was pregnant. Her mom had Daisy and 5 little siblings who have had a good life in the foster home to prepare them for their forever homes! Daisy met her new family and she has another four legged companion to hang out with on her new cat tree. Daisy has settled in quickly and this girl is loved by her new family! We wish her a long happy life in her new home!

Rolly is the kindest soul who found herself in a kill pound in Quebec. She has been a mom to many, many puppies. Those days are done! Now someone will be taking good care of her and giving her an amazing life! Rolly met her new family this week and there were smiles everywhere! This girl loves to give kisses and play ball. She doesn’t always hand the ball back but she is in her glory getting all the attention now. We wish Rolly a long, happy life in her new home!

Ginger came to our rescue several months ago from a kill shelter in Quebec. This girl is bouncey, happy, feeling right at home with her foster family. We have another aweome foster failure with a lot of happy faces and happy dogs! Ginger goes on some cool adventures with her little four legged buddy Leo (also adopted from our rescue several years ago). We are very happy for this sweetheart and wish her many years of love and adventures!

Watson was a new guy who came to our foster program before the pandemic and has been hanging out with his foster mom. This guy is so high energy, he keeps his foster mom on her toes! All this energy and time created one really amazing thing – a love connection! Watson isn’t going anywhere, he was already home. He sure makes his mom happy and we are thrilled for both of them! Have a great life Watson, we look forward to the updates!

Tucker is one handsome guy who captures hearts wherever he goes! He came to our rescue before the pandemic and has been having a ball at the dog park and taking it easy until his forever family found him. The love connection happened and Tucker is one happy guy and so is his new family! Lots of walks, dog park, trails are all in this sweetheart’s future. We wish Tucker the best life possible!