There are literally hundreds of ways you can personally help an animal rescue group. Our group will give you a few ideas every other week to see if you love of animals, your skills and your time can be put to good use with our group.

How can I help CK Animal Rescue?

  • Donate a dog crate
  • Donate anti-flea treatments
  • Donate your professional services (lawyer, accountants, groomer, etc)

Our Ohio rescue dogs arrived safe and sound in Chatham Kent, Ontario on January 8/11.  They were all so excited to finally feel the ground on their feet and the pleasure of walking around outside the confines of a kennel.

Each one of these dogs is very friendly, playful, loving.  Reese has some issues of being fearful of new people, but within a few minutes he’s seeking attention and love when he feels assured he’s with good people who won’t hurt him.  All of these dogs are beautiful and deserve a long happy life with great families!