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Petrolia, a twenty pound JRT came into our care two years ago as a former breeding dog, discarded in a farmer field and left to fend for herself. Covered in sores and blood and after a traumatic existence prior to her rescue her spirit was broken. Untrained, unloved she would stand a stare at the […]


Misty is a very loving girl, and makes our life wonderful. Misty loves to go out side…she get so excited when it’s time to go out, she hops and hops around. She don’t bother with other ppl once out side. She just wants to run, hop, play once her business is complete. When we come […]


Pumpkin is a Pomeranian who came to us blind and weighing 7 pounds 8 ounzes.He was born in 2002. He is arthritic and very aggressive making him unsuitable for adoption.He had a few teeth pulled this fall.Just a couple of days ago had to have an eye removed due to a tumor that developed.He is […]


Jake is a 5 pound long haired Chihuahua.He came to us from Windsor Ont. in Aug 2015.His lady owner was dying of cancer and wanted a home for him before she passed which was soon after we took him in with us.Unfortunately he came to us in pretty miserable shape.We took him to the vet […]


This is our wonderful dog Orson. He is a southern gentleman brought up to Canada a few years ago where joined our foster program. He was adopted and enjoyed his new life in a loving home but as he aged he developed diabetes and cataracts. The cost of the prescription diet, syringes and insulin proved […]

Robin (Sheltie)

Robin arrived to the rescue on Nov 18 2012 from a high kill shelter in Joplin Missouri, where he was surrendered by his owner at the age of 10. When Robin first arrived in foster care he was very fearful. He also has a slight limp from a broken front leg that healed crooked. It […]


Snow is an almost four year old Great Pyranees mix who came from a small shelter in Missouri. She has medical problems which include; a spinal cord injury, arthritis in her rear knees and a problem with her right hip. She is on medication for her pain and does go for acupuncture when she needs […]

In Loving Memory of Mindy

It’s been two months since Mindy passed, and I still find myself looking at her favourite spot on the couch, trying hard to let my grief go, and concentrate on the eight wonderful years we had together. She was such a happy dog, loved to cuddle, gave so freely of her doggie kisses, loved playing […]

Toby – In The Arms of the Angels

I remember the first time I saw Toby.  I was looking on Petfinder for info on our rescue dogs that where up for adoption so I could post them on Kijiji to help find them new homes. As soon as I saw his little face and his funny little expression I knew that I didn’t […]