Abby recently came to our rescue’s foster program. This happy little puppy girl was waiting for a great home with another playful little buddy. She met her match and the games have begun! 🙂 Abby has a family who cherish her already and her little four legged brother was ready to keep her the moment he met her. Thanks to everyone who helped Abby get her Happy Ending!
Suzy and Fufi came to our foster program two years ago. These two were lovingly cared for by their foster family who helped Suzy through some health issues. She is getting her girly figure back and Fufi is her little sidekick. They meet their new family and tails were waggin’ and the felt right at home! These two have a great life ahead of them and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks to everyone who helped Suzy and Fufi get their second chance!

Pacha is a funny little character who found himself in a kill shelter surrendered by his former owners. He is high strung and not everybody understands his quirks. He met his new family who were made aware of his quirks and saw first hand that he can feel the need to be protective. Thankfully they have had experience with dogs with the same personalities and were not concerned. They were anxious to welcome him into the family. Pacha has been enjoying snuggling up in bed with his new family, having fun in his back yard and he is loving all the attention. Thanks to everyone who helped Pacha get his Happy Ending!

These two little ladies are very recent arrivals to our rescue’s foster program. Both were surrendered to a shelter. Belle and Jolie are the sweetest little girls, it’s hard to imagine why they were surrendered. Their foster mom fell in love right away and submitted the adoption application. Both felt so much at home, it was as though they have always lived there. We wish these cuties all the best for a happy, long future!

Adorable little Maggi found herself sitting in a kill shelter and her time was up. Thankfully one of our foster families spoke up to save her life and she was on her way from death row in a Quebec shelter to a loving foster home. She recently had surgery for her spay and to remove a lump and her foster mom knew she was already home. Maggi is the most gentle, loving little soul who is very happy right where she is. Her adoption was finalized today, she is the perfect gift to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend. Have a great life little Maggi!

Mojo has been in our permanent foster program for a few years now. When he first came to us, he was such an insecure little guy from being bounced around from home to home. He was still a puppy with a piercing bark that most people can’t handle. Mojo was adopted twice and returned to our rescue. We didn’t want to put him through any more failed adoption and decided to make him a permanent foster. We are so grateful for his foster mom who loves him unconditionally and when asked if she wanted to make him an official part of her family, there was no hesitation. This little guy is cherished and adored. Mojo has an amazing life and he is perfect in her eyes. He is one little guy who truly deserved this chance at happiness!

Little Gemma was surrendered to our rescue recently. She has had a lot of changes in a short time. She has been a little trooper and handled everything so well. Gemma met her new family who adore her already and has a new four legged little buddy which she has never had before. All is good! We were told these two are always together. We wish Gemma a long, happy life in her new home! Thanks to everyone who helped Gemma get her second chance!

Waylon was adopted as a puppy and returned to our rescue a year ago. He has been a huge support to his foster mom when his foster dad was ill and passed away a few months later. Waylon comforted his foster mom and these two have become so close. Waylon was adopted by his foster mom and these two have an awesome future of walks and sharing popcorn together watching tv. 🙂

Cookie is a newcomer to our rescue recently, she is such a little lady! Wonderful, sweet and loving personality. She met her new family and has a new four legged sister who was very excited to meet her! Cookie has an amazing life ahead of her in her new home. Thanks to everyone who helped Cookie get her second chance!

LeBear is one unique little character! He was surrendered to our rescue several weeks ago. He made himself very comfy in his foster home and wiggled his way into his fosters’ hearts. LeBear is here to stay! This boy has the cutest antics, we are happy he found his forever home!