Entries by Lily C

Timon and Pumba – Adopted – Feb 5/22

Timon and Pumba came to our foster program with 3 other siblings a few weeks ago. Their foster family fell in love and decided they were already family! These brothers are so adorable, cuddly, playful and wrapped their new family around their cute little orange paws! We look forward to updates!

Sugar & Spice – Adopted – Feb 5/22

These adorable little girls came to our foster program several weeks ago with 3 other siblings. Thanks to loving foster families, they got their second chance from living in a barn to living the life they deserve! The girls are so loving and cuddly. These two are very bonded and are settling into their new […]

Smokey – Adopted – Jan 15/22

Smokey was another littermate to Tut who was recently adopted. He is such a little character! So funny, curious and a clown too! His new family fell in love with him and he has another feline brother and a dog who he can entertain with his antics. Smokey’s new home has amazing cat gear everywhere, […]

Lily – Adopted – Jan 18/22

Lily and another cat were left behind when owners of a property moved. The owners left a note for the new owner that the cats needed to be fed and cared for. The new owner of the property contacted us and asked if we had space. Thanks to a caring foster family, we were able […]

Tut – Adopted – Jan 8/22

Tut was born into foster care when his mom who was abandoned outside came into our foster program. He has grown up with so much love from his foster family and now loved by his family. He has a new feline buddy and they are having a great time especially at night thinking it’s play […]

Smokey – Adopted – November 24/21

Smokey came to our foster program a few months ago when his owner learned she had cancer. Two friends brought him to our office hoping we could find a spot for him. We are happy we were able to give Smokey, aka Mr. Casanova a place to hang out until his forever home came along! […]

Pretty Girl – Adopted – Nov 24/21

This beautiful girl named Pretty Girl came to our foster program when her owner passed away. It is so hard when these precious babies lose their homes. Thank goodness for awesome, loving foster homes who give them the time they need to adjust to a new life. Pretty Girl met her new mom recently and […]

Guizmo – Adopted – Nov. 14/21

Guizmo found himself surrendered to a kill shelter and the reason for him losing his home – he barked too much. This little guy is so full of life! He loves to explore and is curiosity about everything in his path. Guizmo now has a new family who adore him and he has filled their […]

Simon – Adopted – Nov 15/21

Simon and another cat were left abandoned in their home. Thank goodness the landlord took care of them and contacted us for help. Because of a caring foster home willing to help and take in both cats, we were able to do our small part to help both cats in their journey to new lives. […]

Cobe aka Copain – Adopted – Nov 14/21

Cobe found himself surrendered to a kill shelter. His family separated and he wasn’t part of the plan for either party. He is the happiest little guy who loves to take walks, he is so polite and loves life. He met his new family and was excited to check out his new yard and home. […]