Sometimes that special adoption happens for one of our dogs and you just want to shout it out from the rooftops to celebrate….this is one of those times! Brandy came to us a mere 39 lbs. We were told she had lived most of her life in an undersized crate, and she had bad teeth causing her not to be able to eat much at all. Those bad teeth came out and this girls’ appetite picked up and she is now a stunning 90 lbs! One of her favourite things to do when she meets you is to roll on her back to get a tummy rub and she will take it all in as long as you are willing to give this girl plenty of love! Brandy has come so far in this journey, it’s a magical moment for all of us to see the love connection the moment it happens. This is one of those wonderful moments we are proud to share! Thanks to everyone who played a part in helping this beautiful girl find her forever home!