Buddy is a lhasa mix male who recently came into our rescue.  He is approximately 7-8 months old and is so adorable!  He reminds us of a small sheepdog.  Buddy was a little timid when he first arrived but after a few minutes of being reassured, he had a bounce in his step!
His foster mom sent this update the following day – “he is a joy and a delight!…very well mannered and affectionate, in fact won’t let me go anywhere in the house without him, but is always careful not to be within tripping distance. He naps on his new bed, but spent the night on my bed…he is eating and drinking ok, but seems to prefer to take his food piece by piece away from the dish. He is very playful and throws his toys for himself.”
His ability to communicate with you…he expresses joy, love…..every emotion you can think of using only body language….he really doesn’t need a verbal language, but he is  slowly learning ‘human’!  He has such an expressive face and eyes….when he wags his tail it seems like he is wagging his entire body.  One of his favourite things to do….Tossing his toys around and then stalking them…he is so excited when you respond with laughter, it almost seems like he is doing it to make you laugh!
He’s still a puppy and needs chew toys to keep him entertained.  He can be a little leary of other dogs when he first meets, but after a few minutes, he is ready to have some fun!  While he does enjoy car rides, he has experienced some car sickness.
From his foster mom about his typical day….”As soon as we get up. he likes ‘good morning cuddles’, then breakfast. A short rest either with you or close by, he then gets very active playing by himself….tossing his toys around and chasing them. More nap time   and repeat!….when it’s time for bed, he races you to get his favorite spot which is at the top of the bed, close to you so he can be available for cuddles or just to share your pillow!”
Buddy is just looking for a place to call his own, he is playful once he’s past the initial introductions and ready to go!  Buddy would benefit from one-on-one care and training.  He needs patience and attention because he is still very young and we know nothing about his background.  One thing we do know is that he is a very smart little guy!  He has already learned some basic commands….sit, come, and no.