This is our wonderful dog Orson. He is a southern gentleman brought up to Canada a few years ago where joined our foster program. He was adopted and enjoyed his new life in a loving home but as he aged he developed diabetes and cataracts. The cost of the prescription diet, syringes and insulin proved to be too much for his new family and he was brought back into our foster program as a permanent foster. He spends most of his days sleeping along with a romp around the back yard and an occasional walk. His face may be frosted but his heart is young and vibrant and when he comes and gives you a smelly lickky kiss you know he is grateful. Orson is 9+ plus years old; a loving, sedate, happy older guy who is spending his retirement years with two younger whippersnapper mini doxies and a foster who loves him and is more than happy letting him be just who he wants to be. If you would like to help defray the expense of Orson’s care please donate. Thank you.