Our goal was to raise $500 at the Kinsmen Auditorium’s garage sale today, and we blew past our goal by at least $200!  Thanks to our many supporters for their donations in baked goods and items for today’s indoor garage sale!

It was a busy week with items being pick up donated over the past two weeks and items being dropped off.  We had two pickup trucks loaded plus the volunteers who helped at the sale also donated items to help us achieve our goal.  We were all busy today, up very early, at the auditorium to set up for 7 am and people were already stopping in by 7:30 to do get the early bird deals.  Many people stopped by our tables which were filled to the brim, on the floor, at the side of our table…..we had so much to offer everyone who stopped by to meet us.

We also sold raffle tickets to win a beautiful gift basket filled with everything from BBQ tools, gardening gloves and tools, gourmet candles, electric candle warmer, place mats, picture frames and so much more!  Right before the garage sale closed for the day at 12:30 pm.,  all the tickets went into a basket and the lucky winner was chosen – Congratulations to Joanne Wales!

Thank you to the following volunteers for helping out today in so many ways today!

*Steve and Stacey for making our beautiful displays showing our adopted dogs, our rescues who are waiting for their own families and our rescues who will soon be arriving.  These displays attracted many people today who were also very interested in learning more about what we do, how to become a volunteer/foster and how they could get involved.

*Myriam for donating the raffle tickets, our thermometer gauge poster and very cute picture for our gift basket raffle. It was pure joy to mark the thermometer with every purchase to see our goal getting closer and finally blowing off the top!

*Karen R. for spending her day with us and  keeping the tables stocked with items.  When two tables close by opened up, she immediately got permission to use the tables for the sale of books, CD’s and movies – she gave everybody a bargain for buying a bag full of books or movies!

*Kelly for drawing in the crowd to purchase raffle tickets for the gift basket.  She was wonderful at greeting the visitors and invited them all to stop by to spend $1.00 for a chance to win and talk about our rescue.

* Wendy for reserving our tables and making several trips to pick up donated items.  She was a huge help to accommodate everyone who had something to donate.  She also helped keep the tables filled and organized to make sure the visitors could see everything we had to offer today.

*To everyone who cleaned out their closets, basements, garages –  your donations made today a BIG success for our rescue!