Gordy is such a gorgeous Golden Retriever mix boy, we think he may have red heeler in his genetics. He’s absolutely fabulous with a personality to match! He’s approximately 1-2 yrs old, weighs approx 55 lbs, is extremely friendly, sociable, gets along with other dogs, enjoys playtime and walks. He is very well behaved, mellow, laid back and a real gentleman! He quickly lays on his back for a belly rub….he loves the attention!His foster family reports that he is a lover, not a fighter. They tells us he would also be a protector of his family if necessary. He has the most beautiful eyes and a little swagger in his walk when he thinks he’s being very good. Belly rubs are a must for this big guy! Before a walk or run, he insists on a belly rub. He enjoys being petted, brushed and loved. He is laid back and non chalant about things. Cats are not an issue, he doesn’t pay any attention to them.