Muffy recently lost her former guardian and found herself without a home. Her family contacted us and asked if we could help, we couldn’t say no to this sweet little senior girl. She is the funniest little cutie, she has a little chatter she likes to do to get your attention. And she loves her things, just like any diva. When she met her new family today, our volunteer started to unpack her favourite bed from her former life and when Muffy saw all of her belongings coming out of the bag, she got so excited our volunteer told us she was ready to jump in the bag to help get the rest of her things out! She was so happy….the family cat got the new bed and Muffy was thrilled to have her favourite bed back with her. This truly is a very happy occasion for Muffy and we are all thrilled for her! Thanks to her foster families and her adopters for giving Muffy a wonderful home filled with many years of love to come!