Damon – Adopted – July 17/17

Damon recently came to our foster program to find a new family to love him unconditionally…and it happened! He has a little four legged buddy to keep him company and a family who already adore him. Thanks to everyone who helped Damon get his second chance!

Peggy Sue – Adopted – July 3/17

Little Peggy Sue’s former life was breeding puppies after puppies. She was not treated well and when she was “used up” she was handed over to a friend in rescue who contacted us to ask if she could come to our foster program. Poor little baby had surgery to have tumours removed, spay and dental. She has been through so much, our wish is for her to have the best life possible! Peggy Sue’s dream came true, she has a family who have patiently waited to meet her. She was showered with lots of love and a promise for a wonderful new life. Thanks to everyone who helped Peggy Sue get her second chance!

Soleil – Adopted – July 3/17

Sweet Soleil found herself looking for a new home due to illness with her previous owner who cherished this girl. It was not an easy decision but our rescue was entrusted with Soleil to help her find a new home where she would be treated like a little princess and given everything her heart desires. We kept our promise. Soleil met her new family today who were so excited to meet her. She is a lucky girl because she also gets to travel to Texas to avoid any more Canadian winters! Thanks to everyone who helped Soleil get her Happy Ending!

Simba – Adopted – July 2/17

Simba is one little energetic fellow who was looking for love again….and he thinks this time is the perfect home for him! He has a new mom who works from home and has lots of plans in store to take him for many walks and go on exploring expeditions. Simba loves to explore! He gets his new mom all to himself which makes him happy and looks forward to many years of hugs and cuddles! Thanks to everyone who helped Simba get his Happy Ending!

Faith – Adopted – July 1/17

This adorable little girl was a former breeder. We learned she was going to be shot and a woman saved her from that horrible fate and she later came into our foster program. She never had a name before, she likes her new name Faith because that’s what she had…faith that she would be spared. She is the most innocent little angel. Sadly she lost her sight recently from a rupture in her eye but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying her life. She is adorable and so full of love. Thanks to everyone who helped Faith get her second chance!

Rosie – Adopted – June 30/17

Rosie is a tiny little ball of energy! She came to our foster program a few weeks ago and decided she liked her foster home, wrapped everybody in her foster family around her little paws and the rest is history! Thanks to everyone who helped Rosie get her Happy Ending!

Zoey – Adopted – June 21/17

This adorable little baby didn’t have the greatest start in her very young life but it’s all up from here! Zoey recently came to our foster program and everyone who met her fell in love with her. She is a little angel, so loving and sweet as can be. She bears scars from previous abuse and we are happy to announce her adoption with a family who adores her! Thanks to everyone who helped Zoey get her second chance!

Maddy – Adopted – June 17/17

Sweet Maddy originally came from a hoarding situation and adopted a few times through another organization. We offered our services when we saw her needing to be rehomed again. She is very timid and unsure of where she is going, this little girl needed lots of patience and still does to help her gain confidence and feel loved. Maddy met her new family and has two little furbaby friends who are teaching her the ropes in her new home. Thanks to everyone who helped Maddy get her Happy Ending!

Gracey – Adopted – June/17

Sadly Gracey lost her former owner and found herself looking for a new family to love her. She is one unique little girl who is independent and cute as a button! Gracey met her new family and she made herself right at home. She especially loves the hot tub and we are told she took a little swim with her new mom and dad. Thanks to everyone who helped Gracey get her Happy Ending!

Jumpin’ Jack – Adopted – June 11/17

This adorable little love bug met his new family today and he was sucking up all the fuss! Due to poor health, Jumpin’ Jack’s former owners wanted him find a new home where he would be loved and cherished as much as they adored him. This little guy definitely knows what he likes and what he wants to do. It was a love connection! Thanks to everyone who helped Jumpin’ Jack get his second chance!