Nixon is a charming gentleman! This independent boy is described by his current foster mom as nothing short of perfect. Nixon offers the best of both worlds, he can be calm, sweet, and snugly, or he can be energetic and playful. While this boy enjoys his quiet time it has been reported that he can go to town with a tennis ball, and he enjoys a good run at the dog park.You would never realize from the description above that this boy is blind. He lives life to the fullest and enjoys everything this world has to offer him. Nixon loves his walks and even manages to walk in an extremely straight line, only relying on you to warn him when a possible tripping or bumping hazard is in front of him.
He loves other dogs and kids but has yet to be introduced to cats. His foster mom had this funny story to share that shows the happy and playful character that Nixon is:
“At the dog park the other day he knew there were some dogs around him playing with each other and he thought he was running around with them and was very excited…except he was in a different area. He had no idea though.”