Reggie is a handsome little shih tzu male who recently entered our foster care program.    We learned that he had been left alone in an unheated garage, his previous owners had no time for him.  Reggie is approximately 18 lbs, less than 2 yrs old and has a gorgous white/tan coat of flowing fur, this little boy is going to have a gorgeous coat when it grows out.  He is excited to be getting so much attention!  He is very friendly, doesn’t care if he is around other dogs or not, loves getting attention and will stick to his foster mom like glue.  He is working very hard to eliminate any toy and food aggression which is a result of being left alone for days.  We would not recommend him to be around small active children.
Reggie is a sweet, innocent little boy who needs someone who will give him lots of love, a warm bed and good food to keep this boy happy!  We feel he would do well with a retired couple who are homebodies and when travelling will take their four legged babies with them.  He experiences separation anxiety when left alone, he thinks he is going to be left alone again. We know there is someone looking to add this wonderful little bundle of love to their lives.