Shamus is a doxie mix pup, approximately 4-5 months old.  He recently came into our foster care program.  His foster mom tells us he is a joy to have in her home,  little Shamus is quiet, friendly and very lovable!    His foster mom shared this latest update since he has been in her home –
“Shamus is soooo wonderful!  One of the best dogs I have ever met.  He loves his Gibson and they are becoming a loving pair-sleeping and cuddling adorable.  Izzy sets the rules for the them and makes sure they follow them lol Shamus LOVES to play with anything and everything- socks, dog beds, books, magazines and of course dog toys-so cute!!!  He gets along well with dogs, cats (we went to my friends house and he didn’t even care about their cat) kids and adults (he LOVES his people and doggie friends)  And he LOVES to cuddle.  He is such a kissing cuddle bug with me!  He also loves a good bone.  He is teething so he will chew anything and everything but a good bone helps with that.  He doesn’t mind being created.  He will cry for a little bit and then he is fine with it.  Potty training is coming along but of course he still has accidents.  I don’t think it will take long for him to learn where to go though. It will be difficult to see him go!!!  I am really really enjoying having him around and so it Gibson-they are becoming quite bonded.  Izzy is a little jealous with them but is slowly getting used to Shamus.  Anyhow, he will make some family the perfect forever home puppy.  Whoever ends up loving this fur baby for life is one lucky person!!!”