We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kerry Mall, his wife Krista, their staff and Krista’s mom (BBQ chef) for hosting a recent BBQ fundraiser at the Summer Series recently in Dresden.  They chose CK Animal Rescue as the organization they wanted to support by donating the proceeds from this BBQ.

It was reported that the turnout was huge at this end of the summer outdoor music/BBQ event and the people came hungry!  Krista’s mom kindly offered to be the BBQ chef at this event and we were told the hamburgers and hotdogs were flying off the BBQ! 

Hmmm, tells us Krista’s mom must be a great cook!  We also heard Dr. Mall was doing great as the cashier too!

The total raised from this wonderful night’s event was $600!

Thank you ALL for giving your time and your love to help us in our mission.  And a huge thanks to everyone in the Dresden area who came out to support this fundraiser, we will always be grateful!