Several weeks ago we were notified about the generosity of one young man who donated money given to him at Christmas to our rescues.  We want to acknowledge this young man we call a hero to our precious dogs and dedicate this page to thank him for his huge heart full of love!

Cameron Marson was sitting in class when one of our volunteers, Sarah Legacy, talked about why she loves being a foster mom with our rescue.   Sarah was the supply teacher in Cameron’s class and one of the lessons for her students on this particular day was to teach a lesson that showed different ways people make the world a better place.   Sarah discussed several examples of people who had risked their lives to help other people, volunteers, etc.   With still having a few extra minutes left at the end of her lesson, she  wanted to show the students what she was doing to help make the world a better place and she brought up our rescue website.   Sarah has told us she has several students who really want to get involved, they love to tell her all about their fur babies, and they talk about what to do/not do with pets etc.   She was unaware that Cameron had plans to donate his Christmas money to our rescues.   Sarah told us she is very proud of Cameron as are we!

Thank you Cameron for being such a shining example of unselfish love! Our rescues love you and hope to see you at future upcoming events!