Little Poppy recently came to our rescue, his new family met him briefly when he arrived and sent in their app right away! They fell in love with this little heartbreaker. Poppy has a lifetime of wonderful things in store for him…lots of kisses and cuddles and the best of everything. He former adopter passed away and he was without a home. We are thrilled that we could play a small part in helping Poppy find his forever home! Thanks to everyone involved with making this miracle happen for Poppy.

Dory is a little doll! Everyone loves her! She was one of the several dogs who came to our foster program from a hoarding/breeding situation. Dory has kicked that old life to the curb and the beginning of her new life is about to begin! Her new family adore her and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks to everyone who made this new journey for Dory a reality! She deserves it!

This beautiful little girl doesn’t have to worry about shelter life any more. Thanks to a volunteer who found her alone and no one looking for her, she came into our foster program. Her sweet personality won the heart of her new mom and she is right at home! Lolly is a quiet little girl who is enjoying the love and affection coming her way for the rest of her life. Thanks to everyone who made her wish of a second chance come true!

King has been in our foster program for a few weeks. He came to our rescue with several other dogs from a hoarding/breeding situation. He didn’t know how to walk on a leash or seemed to know what grass was under his feet. His foster family have worked with him to help him learn to be a dog, and a happy one! He met his new family and has another little cavalier to keep him company. His days of breeding are over and we are all very happy to celebrate King’s second chance! Thanks to everyone to helped this wonderful little guy find his forever home!

Miss Bossy is celebrating her special day today, her adoption and her new family! She has not been in our foster program long, and that adorable little face melts your heart. She was fortunate, thanks to one of our volunteers, for being pulled from a shelter. We are all celebrating with her, this little girl deserves the best life possible! Thanks to everyone who helped Bossy get her second chance!

Little Jezebel melted the hearts of her mom and dad right away! As one of our foster families, they knew right away that she was not going anywhere and wanted to make it official. She was homeless and now she has a wonderful home to call her own! We thank everyone involved who helped little Jezebel find her forever home!

Jack recently came into our foster program. He is a little charmer and knows how to capture your heart in seconds! He has the most wonderful personality – happy, very loving and so easy going. He met his new family today, a big sister and another little diva sister who wasn’t sure when she first met him if she thought it was a good idea for him to be there. They were given all the time they needed, and all was well in Jack’s forever home. He has a wonderful life ahead of him and we are very happy for him. Thanks to everyone who helped Jack on this next leg of his life’s journey!

Foxy is only a year old, and found herself in the same situation as the other dogs from the hoarding/breeding situation. She was very scared when she came to our rescue and took some time for her to feel comfortable. Fortunately she didn’t have to live years as a breeder, she is now living in the comfort of her own home! Her new family were so anxious to meet her, we love seeing love connections in action! Thanks to everyone who helped little Foxy get her second chance, she deserves it!

Ginny the guinea pig recently came into our foster program. She went to school to be the classroom mascot while she waited for her forever home. She has her forever family now and we are all celebrating with her! Ginny has some very happy kids and a puppy who were excited to welcome her into their family. Thanks to everyone who helped little Ginny in her new second chance adventure!

Cricket is one sweet girl! She is very happy, playful, curious and now she is celebrating having her forever family now. She has a beautiful home and huge play area along with a very cool big brother now. They had a ball running in the yard, playing tug of war with a few toys…a great match! We are very happy for this big girl and wish her many years of happiness! Thanks to everyone who helped Cricket with her second chance!