Loco is such a handsome little guy. He found himself in a shelter and no one was looking for him. Thanks to one of our volunteers, he made it out safe and sound and found his way into the arms of his new family! They think he is a very special little guy and so do we! Thanks to everyone who helped Loco get his second chance, he deserves it!

Bert is the cutest little roly poly chi we have ever come to know in our rescue. He loves everybody and everything, just the sweetest personality! He met his new family and it was love at first sight, he walked in an wrapped them all around his little paw. Not a shy bone in his body, and he was anxious to go for a walk to meet his new neighbours! Thanks to everyone who helped Bert find his forever home!

Coco is a little cutie pie! She absolutely adores people and can’t get enough attention. She loves squeaky toys and chewy sticks, finding the right hiding spot was her goal during her home visit – to find the right place to hide her new chewy. Coco was having so much fun checking out her new home, she found a couple of Cheerios under a piece of furniture that were a tasty treat! Thanks to everyone who helped Coco find her forever home!

Lexy is a wonderful little girl who loves to snuggle! She hopped right up into her new mom’s arms and felt so comfy she went right to sleep! Lexy is a lovebug, no doubt about it. She has a fabulous life ahead of her and will be the centre of her new mom’s attention – WTG Lexy! Thanks to everyone who made this love connection a reality!