Buddy is a 9 yr old doxie boy, approx 17 lbs. who was scheduled to come into our foster care program.  Plans changed when a volunteer at the shelter where he was staying fell in love with this little guy and asked if she could give him a great home.  After getting a great reference from the shelter staff, we said absolutely!  Let’s get this little guy into a new home where he will be loved.  And he is!

Artie is a very sweet little peke male, we feel he is under a year old, 14 lbs.  Artie is a little ball of love and energy in a little body.  He’s happy, ready to run and play at the drop of a hat!  His foster mom tells us he loves to hop in the bathtub, he runs and loves life!  He gets along with other dogs, especially younger playful dogs.

Lillian is a small 8-9 lb, 2 yr old shih tzu girl whose recently came into our foster care program.  She is the most loving, little snuggle bug!  She has her timid moments, but this little girl is looking for a soft lap to nuzzle.  She gets along with other dogs, loves the foster family’s cat and is ready to get lovin’ at every opportunity!

Gina is a sweet little 15 lb, possible border collie mix puppy who was found as a stray.  She is a very loving, adorable little girl, playful and full of puppy lovin’!  She is currently in foster care and we will have updates soon!

This sweet little shih tzu boy, Turner, is approx 1-2 yrs old,  and 12-15 lbs.  and recently entered our foster care program.  Sadly, he lost his left eye  due to either a serious infection or an injury.  He is a very loving, happy little guy and having one eye doesn’t stop him from wanting to show his affection.  This little man was a big matted mess when he arrived, his foster mom had no choice but to shave him down to start over.  His will have a handsome tri colour coat when his fur grows back.    No issues with other dogs, great with kids.    Will you welcome this wonderful little guy into your heart?

Russell is a an absolute little doll!  He’s approx 1 yr old, shih tzu who loves to kiss!    He is so lovable, friendly, sociable and sweet as can be!  He recently came into our foster care program.  If you are looking for a little buddy who will listen to your every word in between all the kisses he loves to give, Russell is your guy!

Koala is a very lovable little black shih tzu who recently entered our foster care program.  He’s approx 1-3 yrs old, 12-15 lbs.  This little boy is as cute as a button! His pictures do not do him justice, he is a handsome little guy with the brightest, most innocent eyes!   Koala will have a very beautiful coat of fur when he grows out.  He had some matting when he arrived and his foster mom cleaned him up to give him a fresh start.  He is a firecracker!  He absolutely loves to run and play, enjoys the company of other dogs and is a very happy little guy.      He would do well with another energetic young dog to wear off that extra energy.  He is so excited about life!

Mary Jane is approx 1 yr old, 8-10 lbs and will be coming into our foster care program soon.

retty Boy is a small poodle boy, approx 7 yrs old and 15 lbs.  He recently arrived into our foster care program.  He is a wonderful little guy, gets along with other dogs, good on a leash, polite, friendly, very loving.  He was so matted especially around his face you couldn’t see his eyes.  Once that matted mess came off you could see a handsome face with a lot of love to give!  He is well behaved, loves to snuggle, go for walks, he’s very smart and ready for a home to call his own.

Ally is approx 6 months old, shih tzu/poodle mix.  She and two others, Oliver and Penny, were the lucky ones who made it out alive from a backyard breeder.  She recently entered our foster care program.  More pictures and information will be posted soon.