I remember the first time I saw Toby.  I was looking on Petfinder for info on our rescue dogs that where up for adoption so I could post them on Kijiji to help find them new homes.

As soon as I saw his little face and his funny little expression I knew that I didn’t need to post him because he had his forever home, here with my family.

When Karen first arrived with him he was scared, but shortly after meeting my little boys that spirit I saw came out and he was home sweet home.  He played with my kids all day long and after they went to bed he would come over to cuddle up on my lap. He gave so much love from his heart and filled this home with that.

I remeber all the tiny little kisses, all the nights that we watched t.v together.  Every night I would kiss him and tuck him into bed for the night.

I remember how he played with my sons, playing fetch and ran around with them and hearing their laughter.  I remember when he started to warm up to my husband he would come over and say good morning to him, or jump up on his lap just to give him a kiss.

Even sometimes he would sneak into bed with my daughter and cuddle in so close to her you wouldn’t even know that he was there, how she would pick him up and they would dance together.

As you can see Toby brought so much to this home, he brought so much love, happiness and such wonderful memories. Even though it was for just a short time, he gave us a life time of love and happiness. He was special in so many ways, more then anyone could ever imagine.  Me and my family where blessed with this tiny miracle and he will be missed dearly and will be held close to are hearts now and forever.