It’s been two months since Mindy passed, and I still find myself looking at her favourite spot on the couch, trying hard to let my grief go, and concentrate on the eight wonderful years we had together.

She was such a happy dog, loved to cuddle, gave so freely of her doggie kisses, loved playing with her favourite toy “Buddy Wuddy” and hide and seek with me.  And of course when company came, she knew that they were coming to visit exclusively with her, and out came Buddy Wuddy.

She was my shadow and Mac’s best buddy.  She wasn’t content unless she knew where we were, what we were doing, and everything was ok in her house, and only then would she settle down for a nap.  She never did master the art of belly rubs while laying on her back, but enjoyed them just as much on her side, and when wanting “extra attention” would place her neck next to my mouth for neck kisses, her eyes would close and could hear her say “Neck kisses are far better than treats, mom”.

Summer of course was her favourite season, the sniffing in the garden, the basking in the sun, the hours spent outside just laying around being a spoiled dog.

We were to grow old together, but God had a different plan for you.  I like to think that there was a little girl or little boy in Heaven that desperately needed a loving dog, so God decided you were perfect for that child and took you to play with them.

On January 6th when I took you to the Vet for a shot to calm your tummy, I didn’t know when I held you on my lap that evening, and when I kissed you and carried you to your bed that night and said “Night Min, see you in the morning,” I would never hold you on my lap again or kiss you goodnight again, as you passed in your sleep next to Mac cuddled in your favourite blanket.

Your resting place is in the garden, wrapped in your favourite blanket, along with “Buddy Wuddy”, and a piece of my heart.

You brought such joy to my life, and I will forever miss you, my sweet Mindy.

Sharon Giles