Pawlooza is the ultimate dog party! With over 25,000 people and 6,000 dogs we just had to be there with our booth! Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who helped make this day a great one.

Thank you to all of our Windsor volunteers who showcased our wonderful dogs at Petvalu this October.

How wonderful to see so many furry faces!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Chatham Home and Garden Show this past weekend.    Many people stopped by to pick up a free Emergency Sticker, Rescue Ribbon Sticker, enter the free draw, purchase a raffle ticket to try their luck at winning a huge basket of goodies and watch a slide show with several of our adorable adopted rescues!

We extend our sincere thanks to the volunteers who gave up part of their weekend to be at our booth, it was a great experience!

We are happy to announce the following winners – congratulations and thank you for supporting our rescue!

Free Gift Draw: Frank Sparks of Chatham
Raffle Basket:  Alyssa Michaud of Tilbury and Nature’s Pride

Bertozzi Motorsports recently announced they will be working with our rescue, CK Animal Rescue, in the 2012 race season!  Please watch for the 50/50 at @ SBR and as well their car will be showcased at many of our summer events!

Thanks to West Bertozzi and Bertozzi Motorsports for your support!

Meet Cosmo, a petite 4.5 lb, 13 year old mini pomeranian who was surrendered to the shelter by his owners.  Reason for surrendering – owners stated they did not have time to care for him.  While this reason seems so absurd to us after having this little senior for so many years, we shall look at this as a blessing for us as Cosmo will soon meet his new brother, John Henry.

John Henry is our 11 year old tiny mascot who is fortunate to have a foster mom who loves to sew.  We expect little Cosmo will soon enjoy having his own closet full of new vests to wear at a few of our rescue events.  His foster family are already preparing a little cart with wheels to hike these two little boys around to keep them from getting over tired on daily walks.

Cosmo will remain in our rescue as a permanent foster where we can give him a wonderful life for whatever this little senior has left.  We have been told he needs some teeth to be removed which we will have take care of once he’s here.  We are anxious have both of these tiny little guys together!  Watch for future updates!

Several weeks ago we were notified about the generosity of one young man who donated money given to him at Christmas to our rescues.  We want to acknowledge this young man we call a hero to our precious dogs and dedicate this page to thank him for his huge heart full of love!

Cameron Marson was sitting in class when one of our volunteers, Sarah Legacy, talked about why she loves being a foster mom with our rescue.   Sarah was the supply teacher in Cameron’s class and one of the lessons for her students on this particular day was to teach a lesson that showed different ways people make the world a better place.   Sarah discussed several examples of people who had risked their lives to help other people, volunteers, etc.   With still having a few extra minutes left at the end of her lesson, she  wanted to show the students what she was doing to help make the world a better place and she brought up our rescue website.   Sarah has told us she has several students who really want to get involved, they love to tell her all about their fur babies, and they talk about what to do/not do with pets etc.   She was unaware that Cameron had plans to donate his Christmas money to our rescues.   Sarah told us she is very proud of Cameron as are we!

Thank you Cameron for being such a shining example of unselfish love! Our rescues love you and hope to see you at future upcoming events!

Photo Shoot – Saturday, January 15, 2012

Thanks to Patricia from Patricia M. Productions in Chatham for inviting our rescues to be in their recent photo shoot with several of their gorgeous young models!  These young ladies were unaware that their accessories for their photo shoot were going to be a few of our rescues….who were all full of love and happy to participate!  The hearts of everyone there soon melted once the dogs arrived with their wagging tails.

We would like to thank our volunteers and foster families for taking the time out of their weekend to meet the models and bring the dogs for the photo shoot.  And we want to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Patricia for contacting us to be involved with your photo shoot!  We hope to be invited back to do it again….soon!

Enjoy a few pictures from the day

UPDATE: Thanks to  Katie Watson and Anne and Blake of Outhouse Image & Design, CK Animal Rescues float placed in third place for non-commercial float!

Thank you also to all the volunteers, fosters and supporters who came to show their supports, everyone had a wonderful time.

We were invited to attend the Howl O’Ween party at the Chatham Dog Park on Saturday, October 29/11.  The weather was a gorgeous fall day, the sun was out, leaves on the ground and many happy dogs were bouncing around, running, playing and one four legged visitor at the park found a nice big puddle of mud to lay down and relax!  Needless to say, everyone scattered when this big buddy dog came barrelling around the park to shake off the mud!

Our table was set up with volunteer and foster forms, flyers, handouts, treats for the poochies who stopped by to see what we had for them – Cinnatreats were a huge hit!  We had several repeat four legged visitors.

Everyone had a great time, we look forward to doing it again! Thanks to everyone who came out with their dogs to enjoy the day!

Our foster, Chuckles, who came dressed up as a boxer won Scariest Costume – congratulations Chuckles!

Wilson, our little shih/poo foster came dressed as a bumble bee and was loved by everyone he ran up to greet.

Ginger, our pretty brindle puppy, came as a dancer with her little silky slip.  Poor girl needed help to keep her skirt pulled up most of the time! 

Enjoy a few pics from the day